Bigger the rings, bolder the statement

Do you have a statement piece of jewellery that is your go to when everything else fails? We admit to being a little obsessed with statement pieces, especially statement rings.

A statement cocktail ring is the perfect thing to mark your personal style with. If your style is more casual and relaxed, that statement ring can really pull together your outfit. And if you’re on trend, we can bet you already have a bunch of statement rings to mix and match!

We rarely ever encounter a piece of jewellery that doesn’t make our heart skip a beat, but cocktail rings are just the easiest thing to throw on and look dressy. No fuss fashion is what we love!


So go get that gorgeous ring and make it a staple in your wardrobe! And if you need a little help, just drop by!



Navratri is around the corner and you would definitely want to look your ethnic best! The nine days of Navratri lets you flaunt your style sensibilities in just the way you want. It always feels great to go a little further and put your personal style statement to work.

Here are some tips and tricks to make heads turn towards you in the Navratri festival:

  • Wear vibrant colours: Navratri is the festival of celebration, dance and different colours every day. Get yourself some variegated colours and embrace it with large and bright Jewellery. Pieces like glass necklaces in striking colours will make you stand out.


  • Fusion of jhumkis: Whether it’s garba dance, durga puja or dandiya night, wearing the right jhumkis can finish your look to perfection. Wearing big, oxidized jhumkis with your traditional attire will definitely bring you under the spotlight.


  • Mirror work: The usage of mirror work has always been a part of Navratri outfits and jewellery so how can we change that ethnic flavour. Wear gorgeous mirror rings with your large jhumkis and necklaces, making it a perfect ensemble for the night.


  • Fun additions: Add an unconventional twist to your look by adding accessories to bring out the dazzling and dynamic side of you. Jewellery pieces like maang tikkas, anklets, nose pins and kadas will make you look nothing less than a diva.


It is a fact that jewellery is the most quintessential part of Navratri fashion and we want you to look simply the best.

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  • Trendsetter: You make Bold statements with Jewellery that stands out and is very different from the usual. You don’t care about brands because all that matters is that it should be unique. You are carefree, daring and courageous. You love traditional silver jewellery and you would pair it with westerns with great chutzpah and sass.


  • Elegant: Simple and tasteful Jewellery is what you prefer. Pearl necklaces, precious stones and the Classics are your choices in Jewellery. You generally stay calm and poised and are not a risk taker.
  • Organized: You like to match all your jewellery sets making you extremely organized. Not just colours, but you’re good with coordinating in general and can be a wonderful host at a party.


  • Joyous– Crazy for large Jewellery like thick hoops and large danglers, you are active, social and an extrovert. Just like your Jewellery choices, you like to live life king size.
  • Go Getter- You have a sharp mind and clear goals. Sharp edged danglers and chokers are your choice of Jewellery that give your personality an edge.
  • Style Diva– You are the fashion consultant of your group. Having a collection of all kinds of Jewellery pieces sourced from flea markets to high end boutiques , you have an eye for whats “ in “ and are an early adopter. Women love seeing what you are wearing and copy your dress sense.



  • Romantic- You believe in pure love and are very sensitive towards things. Chains, pearls, beads , filigree and delicately designed pieces are your choices as it brings you pure joy.
  • Artistic- Being creative and imaginative, you have an eye for well-crafted Jewellery pieces. Intricate designs, handcrafted Jewellery is what you get attracted to.  You appreciate pieces which are intricately hand carved because you know the will become heirlooms in another generation !!!
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The Colour Of My Dreams

I waited for her to leave for office,

As I kept walking towards her room

I couldn’t stop smiling,

As my dream was about to bloom..


I put on those red glass bangles,

That didn’t fit me so well,

This is the sight I was waiting for,

But it was not a story to tell.


The sound of those gorgeous bangles,

Stole my heart every day,

And when I saw them kept on the table,

I ran to wear them & forgot my play.


Melas were not about swings or games,

It was to see those colourful bangles,

Those charms like safety pins around it,

And that prepossessing spangle.


I waited for so many years,

To be able to wear them without permission,

The glass bangles went out of fashion,

Just when I could afford them and was in a position.


I’ve seen my passion growing,

As now I possess a huge collection,

Obsession seems a little negative,

So let’s call it pure love and affection.


Thank you mother for introducing me,

to this enchanting world of bangles,

I will continue to adore them,

As I gaze at them every morning when they dangle

What’s Your Lucky Colour


Colours have a great significance in our lives and affect our mood, environment and surroundings. Credible sources have given out the lucky colours of each zodiac sign for this year and we have a perfect plan for that. You can find your lucky colour and we will get you the Jewellery in that colour.

Let’s spin the color wheel:

TAURUS– Taurians! Ruled by Venus, your lucky colours are blue, turquoise, green and cream. These cool colours represent calmness and trust.

We present to you,




ARIES– Hello Aries! Ruled by Mars, your lucky colour for this year is Pink. The colour pink represents compassion, nurturing and love. This will soothe you for the rest of the year.

We present to you,




GEMINI– Ruling planet Mercury, your lucky colours are green. White, cream and pale green. White represents purity, innocence and completion. On the other hand, green represents balance, harmony and growth. With splendid choice of colours, we give you a marvelous choice of Jewellery in those colours.

We present you,




CANCER– Moon influences you and that’s why your lucky colours are white, cream and light pink. With white marking purity and wholesome and pink marking compassion and love, you can choose your pick.

We present you,




LEO– With Sun influencing you, your lucky colours are yellow, sun yellow and orange. Yellow represents confidence and enthusiasm and Orange represents energy and rejuvenation. Outshine with these bright colours this year.

We present you,





VIRGO– Planet Mercury influences you and that’s why your lucky colours are gold, peach, green, pink and cream. You indeed are pretty lucky to be getting so many options that are in your favour. Gold represents success, green represents balance, pink represents compassion and peach represents softness.

We present to you,





LIBRA– With Saturn and Venus ruling your planet, your lucky colours are royal blue, rose-pink and violet. Royal blue represents superiority, rose pink symbolizes gratitude and violet represents wisdom.

We present to you,





SCORPIO– Ruled by Mars, your lucky colours for this year are Red, Brown, Black and Grey. Red symbolizes love, brown represents grounded, black denotes power and grey represents sophistication. Choose your favourite and get lucky.

We present to you,




SAGITTARIUS– Influenced by Jupiter, this year your lucky colours are purple, lilac, violet, blue and yellow. With a varied choice of cool colours depicting calmness and warm colour representing excitement, you can take a pick depending on your mood.

We present to you,




CAPRICORN– You’re ruled by Saturn and your lucky colours are Black, dark Blue and Grey. It seems that you haven’t got any bright colours in your hands but hey, we all think of these 3 colours only when we have to dress up. Isn’t it? All the 3 colours represent power and elegance.

We present to you,




AQUARIUS- You’re ruled by Saturn and your lucky colours are the aquatic colours, blue and electric blue. The colours represent freedom and imagination. Finding things in blue is probably the easiest, so here you go.

We present to you,




PISCES- Jupiter is the ruler of your house and your lucky colours are Light Blue, Sky Blue and Turquoise.  These colours represent depth and stability and are beneficial for your mind and body.

We present to you,




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  1. When you meet somebody, the first thing you notice is their earring. Surveys say that people generally notice the hair, skin texture or lips when they meet someone for the first time. However, you are one of those who are busy checking out their earring.
  2. If you like their earring, you don’t hesitate in asking about where they got it from. It could be a little embarrassing to ask such things at the first meeting but not for a real earring lover.
  3. You may not be particular about other things but you are very careful about your earrings and their safe place. Things get misplaced or can be kept unattended, but not your earrings. You can get out of your laziness just to keep those earrings at the right spot.


18527610_1894488620824657_6889511482548202152_n4. There is this one earring that you have as your back up option for all the outfits. It’s simple and the most important because it goes with every outfit and every hairstyle. It’s like your favourite pyjama that you end up wearing all the time.

5. You are okay with sharing your food or clothes but not earrings because you are not sure if the other person will love it as much as you do. It doesn’t matter how expensive or cheap it is, it’s a part of your collection and that’s what matters.

6. You make sure you have an earring with every outfit including your night suit.All your earrings are segregated according to your looks. Casual, Indian, formal, semi-formal, party; they’re all sorted.

7. You may be extremely late and end up forgetting things, but not your earring.There are times when you have to let go a few things because you’re getting late. But your earrings are never on that list.


8. Just in case you forget to wear them once in a while, you feel incomplete the whole day. There can be a time of crisis when you forget to wear your earrings, making you feel demotivated and a part of you stays missing.

9. You see an earring shop and walk away is never an option.If you see a store or even a small stall with earrings displayed, you will definitely have a look at it even if you have no intent of buying.

10. You judge people on the basis of their earrings. Their style and choice of earring makes you determine their personality traits and you take full pride in that.


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Could you Imagine Jodha without Jewellery? Could you see Umrao Jaan dancing to the song without the bling? Naah, that would be the same as Indian food without spices.


Jewellery has been an important aspect for actors in Bollywood. It has sort of been a constant. It can even symbolize particular traits of a character.
Like a loud character will have heavy Jewellery and a reserved one will have put on something simple. Acting isn’t the only element. Like a set needs so much detailing, an actor does too. That’s where aspects like jewellery come in.
The extreme differences can be very easily depicted like royal families vs servants or rich vs poor, but jewellery can bring light to even the smallest of differences. Like a college-going girl from a conservative family vs a girl from a liberal family. That’s the power of Indian Jewellery!
Going back to the ’60s, when an Indian epic historical drama movie Mughal-e-Azam was released, it was not just appreciated for the story line but also for the costumes and jewellery that enhanced the movie. Another movie which was a great hit in the ’80s, Chaalbaaz where Sri Devi is in a double role. Both the characters are thrown at the audience very strongly with Anju having very simple and small earrings and Manju with big, sparkling danglers which is a complete reflection of their characters. A movie that came out recently, Piku which touched a very different concept, starring Deepika Padukone who is shown as a strong, independent and smart woman. The portrayal of her Jewellery like jhumkas and Chandbalis shout a sense of independence and make her character even stronger.
Talking about Badarinath ki Dulhaniya, Alia Bhatt’s bright and vibrant look was much appreciated and the jewellery worn by her added to her trendy and vivacious look.
There are many movies where Jewellery has been used in the best possible way and amplified their look along with their performance. Some of them are Bajirao Mastani, Ram Leela and many others.
Bollywood has been inspiring us for years and years, and jewellery goes hand in hand to reveal the trends, looks and characters in each film. They make the perfect set.
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The beautiful relationship of a woman and her jewellery

The crux of every romantic story, the baseline of every advertisement and the master of all life hacks is a confident and charming woman.The woman who works hard, challenges the storm… and the woman who loves jewellery. Ah, yes, jewellery – is there a single woman who doesn’t like jewellery? We think not!

Be it a teacher, home-maker, athlete, doctor or a leader, the combination of women and jewellery are like inseparable Siamese twins! Women across all the fields are excelling and with different fields we see different jewellery that marks a strong personality of them. While for some adorning themselves with those precious ornaments is a way to accentuate their beauty, for others it’s a customary tradition with a string of values attached to each and every piece worn by a lady and for others it is a way of self-expression.

4th-August (1).jpg

Most importantly, jewellery is a phenomenon which showers unconditional love and accepts women with no differentiation based on caste, colour or creed. Moreover, the existence of every ornament drives a purpose and they are customarily gifted at specific events. For example, rings are generally presented at birth, chains when they come of age, necklaces and bangles before weddings, etc.


From Priyanka Chopra’s belly button piercing to Vidya Balan’s off screen style – a bit of oxidized earrings, big beaded necklaces; the creative invention of ornaments has been celebrating women’s physique for hundreds of years now.  Jewellery determines character and personality. Not only our B-Town divas, even Sania Mirza’s aesthetic addition to enhance her appearance by donning a fashionable nose-ring has become a rage across the nation. Slowly but surely, nose rings have moved out from the domain of the traditional and into the artsy and the chic. There are many sports personalities who wear accessories that symbolize inspiration, determination and achievement like patriotic pendants.


The truth is that times and fields may change, but somethings will always remain immortal, like a women’s obsession for jewellery. From being considered a symbol of domesticity to striking a note of non-conformity, jewellery has indeed come full circle.

           blog 3.jpg

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