Bigger the rings, bolder the statement

Do you have a statement piece of jewellery that is your go to when everything else fails? We admit to being a little obsessed with statement pieces, especially statement rings.

A statement cocktail ring is the perfect thing to mark your personal style with. If your style is more casual and relaxed, that statement ring can really pull together your outfit. And if you’re on trend, we can bet you already have a bunch of statement rings to mix and match!

We rarely ever encounter a piece of jewellery that doesn’t make our heart skip a beat, but cocktail rings are just the easiest thing to throw on and look dressy. No fuss fashion is what we love!


So go get that gorgeous ring and make it a staple in your wardrobe! And if you need a little help, just drop by!


Are You Into Heavy Metal?

If you’re thinking why does a jewellery brand care about a genre like heavy metal music, we’d like to clear it out for you. We are indicating the heavy silver jewellery pieces that are perfect for this season. They are heavy only in terms of impact – quite light on your neck or ears , because pure silver is oh so light !!!!!


Ahilya Jewels has a fabulous collection of large and magnificent necklaces that just can’t go unnoticed. So if you’re into such pieces, have a look at some of them –


Ganesha Haar Necklace– Seek divine blessings with the sacred Ganesha Haar Necklace that is large and wide to make a huge statement. Ganesha’s motif in the middle and intricate hand carvings , is what makes this piece so powerful and enchanting.




Chandbali Pink and Blue Glass Necklace – Another statement piece, this necklace has been designed around crescent shaped chandbalis centered on the floral motif. Intricately placed indigo blue and pink glass pieces form the most beautiful part of the necklace. It is strung together with a blue and pink glass motif in an abstract design.




Hand Painted Deity and Peacock Necklace : An absolutely stunning necklace that is guaranteed to garner attention! Centered around a beautiful hand painted plaque of a deity, are exquisite stylized motifs of peacocks and from the leaf-like motifs are suspended a fringe of silver beads. The arms of the necklace are formed with peacock motifs and suspended silver beads.


Statement Engraved Leaf Necklace: This exquisite statement necklace consists of a big leaf shaped pendant with floral and peacock motif, with long peacock plaques with ghungroos dangling off it, set on a thick chain which has two rectangular plaques on either side with detailed Lakshmi and Ganesha detailing.




Lotus Red Green Glass Necklace: The ultimate statement piece, this incredible necklace is designed around a lotus with a hand painted plaque in the center and beautifully strung with green and red abstract glass pieces alternating with silver.


1 (2)


We have many such statement necklaces that’ll make a miraculous difference in your look for this season.
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Hey Bridesmaid, you’re important too!

The wedding season has begun and as we all know that as soon as the wedding preparations begin, everybody starts worrying about the bride. What will the bride wear? What kind of jewellery will she choose? But has anyone paid any heed to the gorgeous bridesmaid who also needs to look spectacular because she’s a part of the smallest things and stays right next to the bride.

Don’t worry girl, we’ve got your back and have some exceptionally brilliant ideas for your look at your best friend’s wedding.


Saree Look: Nothing can beat the saree look when it comes to weddings. Coming to our expertise, you can pair your saree with traditional temple jewellery like our Padvamati Necklace, Double Layered Temple Studs and Royal Jadau Kundan Hexagon Ring. But another way to carry your saree is the contemporary way where you can club it with our Black onyx contemporary Filigree Dangler, Baroque Filigree Pendant and Abstract Mesh Open Cuff.




-Ethnic Gowns- Not in a mood to manage a saree? An ethnic gown can be a good choice. The best way to stand out is by carrying it with large earrings, big ring and a thin kada. We’d like to bring you options like Ethnic Cocktail Ring, Large 3 piece Temple Earrings and Thin Haathi Elephant Kada. These can be worn in silver or gold plating, depending on your outfit.



Dhoti Pants– If you are into sassy styling, we already like you! But let’s be clear that if you’re thinking Dhoti pants with kurtas/top will make you look underdressed, that’s where Ahilya Jewels makes a grand entry. Club that outfit with heavy neckpieces and thick bangles and kadas which will definitely turn many heads. We recommend some of our glass necklaces that’ll look vibrant and perfect for the occasion.

1 (2)

Lehengas- One of the best and safest option to wear as a bridesmaid is indeed a lehenga. Here’s an idea for you, this time wear a monochromatic colour lehenga and pair it with one of our sets. Our Peacock and Parrot statement set would look splendid with any colour your choose.


Here’s a little tip to all you gorgeous ladies. Add Maang Tikka or/and Nath to your look and see the miraculous difference in your appearance!! Or jazz it up with a hand harness aka hath phool , and watch those heads turn .


Get the best, look the best because after all, you’re important too!

Start shopping at where you get exclusive handcrafted sterling silver jewellery designed to make you simply outshine!


Your look is incomplete without a pair of stunning earrings, especially now when it’s the wedding season. Every girl or woman has a different styling sensibility which is determined by the choices she makes. Here are some styles of earrings we’d like to suggest keeping different women’s preferences in mind.

Jhumkis– Passing on jhumkis is an opportunity missed. You must know that you can get jhumkis in any size and type. From different motifs to intricate designs, you can get the look you want. Ahilya Jewels presents to you an enormous collection of jhumkis in various sizes and styles that you can choose from. With a choice of silver and gold plated pieces, you’ll end up having many favourites.



Danglers- What’s the fun without sassy outfits and some fancy danglers. This is for women who don’t mind wearing long earrings because they truly believe that their earrings hold a lot of power. Ahilya Jewels brings you some beautiful danglers to go with your simplest and busiest outfits.

4th Nov


– Studs– If you’re not into jhumkis or danglers, you can go for studs that are minimal and will look great regardless of what you wear. Ahilya has some mesmerizing studs with Jadau work, rawa work, mother of pearl and many other designs that you won’t be able to keep your eyes off. Here’s a little tip, if you want to flaunt your studs then tie your hair or keep it behind the ears and see the difference!

18th Nov (2).jpg


Ear Cuffs- We love how these ear cuffs have taken a position in a womans jewellery box. It is one of the best accessories to grace up your look for any function, especially weddings. They cosy up to your ears  from the side making it look phenomenal. Ahilya Jewels offers you amazing ear cuffs to with your outfits.


– Chandbalis- Chandbalis have gained immense amount of popularity in the recent years and we understand the reason. They are those magical ear pieces that give you the sultry look as soon as you put them on. Ahilya recognises the love for chandbalis and has displayed a fantastic collection. With gorgeous styles like addition of pearl seeds, usage of enamel colours, temple design, jadau work, and many more.


Choose any type of earrings but make the right choice because at every occasion, there is an earring lover observing you!

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As the wedding season has arrived, the search for sassy attires and jewellery has begun!! Every year, there is a different trend and style flowing in the air and we don’t want you to take a miss on that. So here’s a quick look into the hottest jewellery trends with Ahilya’s suggested pieces for the coming wedding season.

Layered Neckpieces:

It’s important to shake the trend and keep trying different styles of wearing your jewellery. Take a break and look for more than one neckpiece and club them together like a choker with a long necklace or you can try our Dholki Bead Necklace with lots layered strands.



Haath Phools:

The traditional haath phool is making a  comeback albeit in a different way. Filigree work, coloured stones and many interesting combinations are being welcomed this season.

Temple jewellery:

This style of jewellery is eternal. The designs, finish and its connection to deeper roots is admired by many. If you’re wondering whether it’s a good idea to wear these South pieces, we would like to inform you that it’s always a great idea!



The Nath:

It is a fact that nose ring lost its popularity in the past few years, but it has come back with a bang! Thanks to some fashion influencers who made sure that such a gorgeous jewellery piece shouldn’t get lost.

Get simple necklace and earrings and wear it with a nath to surround yourself with only compliments.



Big maang tikkas:

There is no doubt that we are moving very fast towards modernity but there are a few things that keep pulling us back to our traditions. The Maang Tikkas are the seen to be the need for every women at the weddings, specially for people who live outside India. The Maang Tikka doesn’t necessarily have to be in gold, there are some beautiful styles in silver as well, that look spectacular.

Lastly, we would like to give you an awesome suggestion for this wedding season.Most of the people choose a gold jewellery look so if you want to stand out, try a complete silver jewellery look. A pure silver look will definitely accentuate your outfit and make heads turn like how.



Our aim at Ahilya is to deliver the best of exclusive handcrafted pieces that make you look simply the best.

Log on to to look for your favourite jewellery for this wedding season!!


Feathers in Fashion


One of nature’s most unique inspirations, the peacock motif is a design favourite. Set in pure sterling silver, the peacock motif looks richer and full of grandeur. Statement silver peacock motif jewellery looks unique and wonderful, but don’t dismiss the minimal pieces yet. A simple pair of silver peacock studs can really pull together your outfit!

13532820_1741392516134269_955860089666335220_n (2)

Intricately handcarved, the peacock chariot necklace is an absolute kicker. Statement silver peacock necklaces like these truly dress you up, and can transition seamlessly from day to night wear!


Handpainted necklaces too are absolutely fabulous. With detailed peacock plaques flanking miniature paintings, these necklaces are real works of art. A grand necklace like this can be passed down from generation to generation.

Silver peacock motif rings too make for great cocktail wear!

13475011_1737975613142626_785300278245765394_o (1)

Beautiful peacock motif earrings too look great with both ethnic and western wear. Whether in silver, or in all its gold plated glory, peacock motif earrings are a must have!

So do yourself a favour and get on this trend before you miss out on the best silver pieces!

Bring home some Lakshmi


Temple jewellery, from southern India, is one of the most coveted especially within traditional circles. With intricate engraving and detailed ornate work, silver temple jewellery looks absolutely decadent, especially when gold plated.

4 (10)

A great option for when you don’t want to wear gold jewellery, gold plated silver temple jewellery, especially silver Lakshmi jewellery, looks rich and very festive. Great for weddings and festive occasions alike, beautifully handcrafted lakshmi jewellery pieces are of heritage value.

11 (3)

Statement silver jewellery with engraved lakshmi motif looks exquisite. Apart from its spiritual connotation, lakshmi temple pieces look absolutely grand and can really enrich any outfit.


So if you’re looking to accessorise your festive outfit, look no further, we’ve got you covered!

Ethnic Jewellery – Tips to rock that festive event

15874649_1829303804009806_812998414761872336_o (3)

Ethnic Jewellery is synonymous with weddings and Indian festivals but with women making bolder choices, ethnic jewellery has now become very versatile. With fusion styles becoming bigger by the day, ethnic jewellery is definitely far from merely seasonal.


Whether you like gold plated statement silver earrings with semi precious stones, or smaller temple studs, silver ethnic earrings look decadent and glamorous with any outfit. In fact, ethnic silver jewellery is great to transition from a day outfit to a night one.


With ethnic silver jewellery getting global recognition, wearing ethnic jewellery with western outfits is slowly becoming the norm. Wear a beautiful ethnic necklace with a cocktail dress, or stack up a few ethnic bangle cuffs with your casual outfits, we guarantee that you’ll look spectacularly refreshing!


So the next time you’re unsure how to accessorize an outfit, know that sterling silver ethnic jewellery should be your go to!