Bigger the rings, bolder the statement

Do you have a statement piece of jewellery that is your go to when everything else fails? We admit to being a little obsessed with statement pieces, especially statement rings.

A statement cocktail ring is the perfect thing to mark your personal style with. If your style is more casual and relaxed, that statement ring can really pull together your outfit. And if you’re on trend, we can bet you already have a bunch of statement rings to mix and match!

We rarely ever encounter a piece of jewellery that doesn’t make our heart skip a beat, but cocktail rings are just the easiest thing to throw on and look dressy. No fuss fashion is what we love!


So go get that gorgeous ring and make it a staple in your wardrobe! And if you need a little help, just drop by!

Imagine Simran missing the train and no DDLJ!!!!

Ritu and Sanjay are recently married. They both leave together in the morning for work. After work, Sanjay comes to pick up Ritu. On their way back home in the car when it’s raining and the weather is quite romantic, both are busy looking at their respective iPhone screens to check their WhatsApp messages. Priya and Gaurav have come on a date in a restaurant and both have their phones on the table. Both Gaurav and Priya are busy checking their e-mails, surfing Amazon and texting on WhatsApp to their close friends leading to a rift between the two. Imagine Raj of DDLJ putting his hand in his pocket to take out his mobile instead of giving it to Simran to pull her into the train, Simran missing the train and never meeting Raj.


One of the key areas of technology in the last 10 years is social media and digital marketing. Honestly, it’s a very complicated argument whether social media and digital marketing are beneficial or dangerous for the future. So we strongly recommend to be socially active online and keep yourself updated but we also recommend Ritu to spend quality time resting her head on Sanjay’s shoulder while driving back home.


Digital marketing, in a way is very beneficial especially for the working class. Any information on this planet is available due to technology. One of the areas of digital marketing is e-commerce and online shopping. Even the most expensive categories like mobile phones and jewelry are very popular on the online space with services like sending jewelry at consumer’s home just to check but no compulsion to buy. Again, thanks to our Indian IT professionals due to their continuous efforts in making online buying safe and secure in India. However we recommend Priya and Gaurav to avoid surfing and texting while having a candle light dinner.


Ahilya Jewels has a responsive website with an e-commerce platform and an excellent team in place that makes online buying convenient and safe. It also arranges to send the products to the customer’s place for her to check and then buy if she wants , in certain cities. There is no compulsion to buy . It has a presence on almost all the social media platforms to update its followers with magnificent designs of necklaces, earrings, kadas and many more. Log onto our website to check our latest collection. But Ahilya which means “perfect” in Sanskrit also recommends all its followers and customers and page viewers to be a perfect life partner and don’t let your inner Simran miss the romance train.

Get a Silver Rakhi for your childhood enemy

Festivals are around the corner. By end of July, people in India are all set to plan their shopping with their credit cards in wallet, ready to spend. Among all the festivals is one which women are very excited about. This is the day when women get a gift from their childhood enemies, their brothers. Yes! Just two weeks to go to Raksha Bandhan.


Raksha Bandhan, or simply Rakhi is a Hindu festival, celebrated in many parts of India and Nepal. Raksha Bandhan means “bond of protection”. The festival celebrates the love and duty between brothers and sisters. It is also popularly used to celebrate any brother-sister type of relationship between men and women who may or may not be biologically related. This symbolizes the sister’s care for her brother and ties a rakhi on his wrist and the brother gives her a token gift and a promise to protect her.


Ahilya Jewels has a collection of Sterling silver rakhis with GaneshaSwastika and Rudraksha attached to the cord only to make the day memorable for your brother. Moreover, post Raksha Bandhan, the Ganesha rakhi can be used as a pendant and that makes it unique. So what are you waiting for??? Buy this special rakhi online today, for your cute childhood enemy!!!!


For all the caring brothers, Ahilya Jewels has a lot for you to gift your little sisters. Necklacesearringsbangleskadaspendants and a lot more made out of sterling silver, only to bring a smile on her face. Log onto to check our latest collection. Or if you get confused, send her a Gift Card from Ahilya!!!! What did you think of our idea of a Rakhi that can be reused as a Pendant?

Behind the camera

There is a popular saying that what you see is not what it is and the truth is unseen. This saying is well connected with the fashion and glamour industry. We only see celebrities looking drop dead gorgeous and absolutely picture perfect with no imperfections seen at all.  But there is a lot more that goes on behind the scenes.

15874649_1829303804009806_812998414761872336_o (3)

The truth is that celebrities spend hours before any public appearance with professional stylists around. They are up early in the morning to exercise, keep themselves fit, control their diet to the point of obsession. Despite having an army of hair stylists, make-up stylists, dietitians, gym trainers etc., they need to be thankful to the Americans for designing software like Photoshop which is used to make them look more attractive and stunning. All that air brushing makes them look the way they do. So the next time you look at yourself in the mirror and silently think – your thighs are too fat, your butt is too big, your skin has started wrinkling – keep this in mind!!! They don’t really look like that!!! If you had the same team, you would look pretty similar too!!!!


There is a difference in what they wear at a press conference or an award show and what they wear while travelling abroad or at home with their family. They seldom wear make-up and expensive Jewellery while travelling abroad for shoots as it’s very inconvenient to carry. They prefer simple and less heavy stuff like silver when they are at the airport or airborne. Silver Jewellery is the most preferred while on a trip or for a destination wedding due to its weight and price


Ahilya Jewels offers necklaces, earrings, kadas, pendants and many more products made of pure silver which is 92.5% and comes with a hallmark and certificate of authenticity, best to carry while travelling. Check our collection online at


Who do you think is the Celebrity who looks quite different in real life from the Screen? Do write in and tell us ….

Do you really want to discuss this???

The hot topic in the country is GST.  It is most common in India that we all complain in the beginning but eventually we shut our mouth and get going whether it is the Demonetization or the poor roads in the city.


We can say that GST will be beneficial due to the following facts but a problem needs to be looked at from every angle, hence it’s an interesting debate whether GST is beneficial or not

  • The tax structure will be made lean and simple
  • The entire Indian market will be under a single umbrella of taxation
  • It should bring more transparency and good compliance
  • Number of departments will reduce which in turn may lead to less corruption
  • More business entities will come under tax system which would lead to more revenue tax collections
  • Companies under unorganized sector will come under tax regime


India’s gem & Jewellery industry has been suffering from constant changes and uncertainty in tax policy. It is a wide-spread feeling among the Jewellery fraternity that the Indian Government needs to work towards a more uniform and consistent taxation policy under the Goods & Service Tax (GST) regime for the industry. Gold Jewellery, silver Jewellery and processed diamonds will be taxed at 3 percent, while the tax on rough diamonds will be 0.25 percent against the earlier rate of 2 to 2.5 percent. It is indeed good news for the Jewellery industry. So if you are fond of Silver Jewellery and wish to add some new designs to your dressing table, then this tax reform shouldn’t hold you back. GST on Silver Jewellery is only 3% so what are you waiting for???

for blog pic 2 offers a variety of handcarved necklaces, earrings, rings, pendants and many more made of pure silver at prices that will definitely not make you feel the pinch. So do tell us your views – do you think 3% GST on Silver Jewellery is good or not? Do write in to us!!!!

Hey reader, what do you prefer?

Mrs. Khanna from Delhi takes an hour to get ready for the party. She usually wears one of her gold necklaces with a diamond pendant on her designer outfit from Michael Kors. The moment she steps out of her BMW and walks into the party, she begins to flaunt her necklace and ensures that every single soul in the party is aware of the price.  This is because of the mind set of every Indian that gold is gold. In India, gold Jewellery is a store of value, a symbol of wealth, status and a fundamental part of many rituals. But it’s an interesting fact that today women in urban India are evolving day by day and looking for a complete makeover. They don’t care much for what others think. With this fact can pure sterling silver replace gold? It’s a debatable question and the fact is that both the sides of this argument are justifiable.


Historically, silver has been considered a second-tier precious metal. Valuable for sure, but not as prized as its yellow cousin. Yet according to recent market trends, precious metal investing seems to have a new silver lining. Apart from the investment angle, there are many reasons why people prefer sterling silver over gold and platinum, the highlight factor is the price of this alloy. Compared to other two, silver costs nearly 40 times lesser. Reasons like budget friendly, customizable and market availability make silver a preferred category.


Apart from the price factor, the most important reason why people prefer Silver, is that it has a unique character and intrinsic beauty. The most beautiful part about silver is the sheen it gets when exposed to air i.e. when it gets oxidized. This lends it a look that is truly exceptional and bohemian. In fact at destination weddings nowadays, gold plated silver Jewellery is now the norm – very rarely do women carry real gold Jewellery. Also, particularly for pieces that are hand carved, it is possible to do this, now only on silver, since Gold has priced itself in a different stratosphere altogether!!! All artisanal, hand carved, hand crafted pieces are now rendered in silver.


Although there has been a lot of debate on gold and silver and which one is better considering various factors, silver has its own unique features. The weight, the shade of the metal pairing up with many colors, the price points where you don’t need to shell out more for any extra modifications and many more make silver strongly compete with gold.


Ahilya jewels offers magnificent handcarved pure silver jewelry which includes a variety of necklaces, earrings, kadas, bangles and many more with beautiful motifs and designs. So log onto to check the latest collection.


The one thing about fashion is that there are no rules!!!! Give an unconventional twist to an existing style and lo and behold – you have a brand new trend to show off! Wondering how to show off your toned and tanned back and sharp shoulder blades?


Opt for a stylish Back Necklace! A simple yet stunning style trend, these have been worn by some of our favorite celebrities through the years on the red carpet.



You need to keep some key points in mind when you drape a back necklace on that yourself!

  • Ensure that you wear an outfit that shows off your back and your shoulder blades. The charm of a back necklace will be lost if you don’t have a nice back scooping dress to pair it with



  • Styling your hair appropriately while wearing a backdrop is quite important. Opt fora top bun or a high ponytail, or something that doesn’t cover your back. If you choose to leave your hair open, take it all ahead to one side, leaving your back visible for all the attention.
  • Choose simple and elegant pendants or backdrops to add that extra finesse. Heavy, layered back necklaces often take away from the grace that a back necklace adds. For this particular look, we feel “less is more.”


A collection of necklaces made up of pure sterling silver and designer motifs handcrafted by the finest craftsmen in India, just to make your back, your new front.

I hated you. But I was wrong.

10 years ago, I hated you for not letting me go for night outs with my friends, not letting me party till late night, not buying a touch screen phone, not letting me drink, not letting me watch TV during exams,  I hated you then. But today at 30 when I look back, I realize that I was wrong. I realize why you did what you did. It was all for my own good.


You are my strength, the creator of my life who was and will always be my side. Even when I was wrong, you have taught me to be strong. A man, a hero who was and will be also my Superman. Father’s Day, though not as popular as Diwali, Eid or Christmas, carries a special relevance and a day dedicated to a man who gave me a life, who taught me to walk, speak, and eat. A day dedicated to that man who sat beside me when I was sick.  Plan a dinner at a place where he couldn’t take you to save his money in order to spend on your further studies and marriage. Buy a personalized gift that he will remember with a father’s day card written by you.

Image for June16 blog


Ahilya gives you an opportunity to make your father feel special by offering a silver kada or a silver bracelet made out of 92.5% pure sterling silver and personalize the bracelet with his name engraved. Check our collection online at