Christmas (jewellery) delights!


Christmas spirit is catching on real quick with delectable goodies making the rounds, making you wish your Christmas wishlist could be longer!


13903265_1753066474966873_5921291477429155783_n-3                   14444711_1775313586075495_3569568656874411683_o-1

We, for once, wish for quality over quantity, and there’s nothing more fantastic that being gifted a lovely piece of handmade jewellery. Call us clichéd, but precious jewellery in Christmas colours makes it all the more exciting to get all dressed up!


Pair an elegant piece of jewelry with your Christmas sweater and make that understated outfit absolutely elegant. If you’re heading out for a lovely Christmas dinner in your brand new black cocktail dress, grab a pair of green and red gemstone earrings, to really glam it up!

13498018_1736429829963871_7058868925622726681_o-1             13701102_1747095365563984_7643884828060499948_o

Bring in this festive day with love, fun and grace, but not without your favourite piece of sterling silver jewellery!


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