Coin-ing a new trend!


Coins are really having a moment-from the runways of fashion week, to being a staple in traditional households.

In India, the origin of coin jewellery can be found in the south, in the form of Temple Jewellery. Whole or cut, antique coin jewellery is becoming popular. It is versatile with traditional roots and a contemporary feel to it giving it an edge over other jewellery.


There is nothing better than an amazing coin inspired ring, it works well with all your outfits and is definitely a conversation starter. Rings are a great way to show your artsy side and sometimes a small ring can lead to compliments galore!



Coin necklaces have been around for the longest time, and an intricate one brings grandeur to your persona and reflects regality, not unlike Indian royalty.  If you love exclusive jewellery, the oxidised coin necklace is just what you need!


Coin earrings are no different – they are edgy, charismatic and definitely unique. While others are fretting over matching earrings to their attires, you can go ahead and make a statement with these amazing coin earrings.


Coin jewellery is a result of true craftsmanship and resonates with delicate handiwork, that you are sure to be obsessed with, as it goes  on to up your style game.



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