The Perfect “Stud”


Stud earrings truly personify understated elegance and make for absolute classic pieces. Whether you like to go minimal, or love big, bold ones, studs can rarely escape your jewellery box.


Studs are so versatile that you can wear them at any occasion, you just take your pick and you’re good to go. Moreover, even the heaviest of earrings seem lighter because of the support that studs provide, which is essential when you’re someone who loves earrings and wears a new pair every other day!

Sterling Silver studs especially, are so easy to style, and are easy on the pocket too, especially for festive occasions when you want to look like you’re wearing gold.


Right from delicate Mother of Pearl Studs to classic silver studsethnic gold plated studs, to statement studs, there is something for everyone.

The amazing thing about studs are that you can style them differently depending on personal preferences or the outfit it’s accompanying. Whether you plan to stock up on a few different smaller pairs, or invest in one statement piece and wear them in various ways, stud earrings are a must addition to your jewelry collection.


Studs are definitely the simplest way to feel pulled together regardless of what you’re wearing, so grab a pair (or four) and get on board the hottest trend this season!


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