Style Tip: Power of a Statement Necklace


Statement necklaces have changed the face of fashion and jewellery. From matching a pair of earrings to your necklace, to wearing just a statement necklace to enhance your outfit, fashion truly has come a long way. And now, once again, this bold statement is staking its claim, so expect to see more sparkles and brighter colors than ever this season!


Bright colored statement necklaces are fun accessories to add to your jewellery collection. The best part of these pieces is that they are so easy to style and are absolutely no-fuss, which is so important for most busy women.

Keep your outfit simple, let your statement piece speak for itself. Or if you like to mix and match, pair your statement necklace with crazy prints to create an artfully done clashing outfit, since mixing prints and clashing of accessories is the hottest new trend!


Sterling silver statement necklaces are a great option to work with! They are bold and eye-catching and made with precious metal, so they remain as beautiful pieces of jewellery that you can pass down generations. Some vintage styles in Sterling Silver necklaces look absolutely beautiful.

Whether you love silver or gold, there are hundreds of fabulous statement necklaces clambering to give you a metallic moment this summer, especially in sterling silver, and gold plated sterling silver styles. And here’s the kicker – they are pretty much guaranteed to match every piece in your wardrobe.


Who says you can’t wear more than one necklace? Try layering a couple of necklaces together to make an even bigger statement. Fiddle around with a few to see which ones work best with each other. Pair a smaller necklace with a statement piece to give some balance or layer two chunky necklaces to draw even more attention.

There are so many ways to do this right, and absolutely none to not, so much so that statement necklaces are de-facto our go-to accessory!

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