Mooning over Chandbalis


Chandbalis have been around for decades, and are one of the trends women are still mooning over. Named for its crescent moon shape, it is influenced by the Nizams of Hyderabad, they add a touch of Royalty recreating the Mughal era which complements the most diverse outfits. You can never go wrong with a classic chandbali – a must have in your wardrobe.


These vintage inspired earrings, especially Sterling Silver Chandbalis, are a hot favourite among wedding goers. They are versatile and dressy and the varieties available are endless. From traditional chandbalis to ones with a more contemporary aesthetic, there is something for every kind of outfit and every kind of personality.


The Chandbali is such a versatile design that many jewellers have adapted them into chandeliers that cater to younger and diverse tastes. They are definitely eye-grabbing, the statement pairs especially, and can dress up a pair of blue jeans and t-shirt too!


Chandbalis are one of the few pieces of jewellery that go a long way. They look elegant while livening up an outfit beautifully. So grab a pair and let everyone moon over these beauties!

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