Timeless Trend – Animal Motif Jewellery

Nature inspires and never goes out of style. Animals have been a recurring theme, whether in high end brands, or in fashion jewellery.

Jewels in the shape of animals and insects have been worn by women since ancient times, and lately these motifs seem to have become extremely popular. All creatures great and small, including butterflies, spiders and even the lowly housefly, are the province of contemporary and iconic jewelry designers. You can’t go wrong with jewelry designs inspired by animals– they simply never go out of style!


The rise in Animal motif jewellery is a revival of sorts. Animal motif jewellery has always been looked through a vintage and antique lens. The animals and insects always symbolised something. Throughout the years, some of these same creatures have been used over and over again, incorporating the styles and workmanship of that era. Like the now famous peacock motif is quite special in that it celebrates patience, kindness, compassion, benevolence and good luck!


Animal shapes are fun elements and can be molded into various pieces, be it earrings or a necklace or a cuff. Most importantly, they are catchy and very noticeable. Bold and dramatic animal statement pieces, like gorgeous fish motif earrings, are fabulous when worn with evening dresses to amp up your personal style. Or just wear an elephant motif cuff for a touch of whimsy with your t-shirt and jeans or any casual ensemble.


With more daring and innovative styles coming to the forefront, this is one trend that that has really evolved into something beautiful. Animal motif jewellery is a mix of tradition and is the truest reflection of age old culture that is being adapted by younger and bolder women.


A great way to acquire a piece of animal jewelry is to raid the closets and jewelry boxes of your mother, aunts and grandmothers. But if you’re looking at owning some beautiful heritage animal motif jewellery of your own, sterling silver pieces should be your go-to!

So bring some style and fashion into your life with the classic and evergreen Animal motif jewellery!

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