Trend Alert – Spiritual Jewellery

13391473_1732381597035361_206909738468462028_o (1)

Spirituality and jewellery go hand in hand in India. Jewellery has evolved so much that religious symbols are no longer directly tied to their immediate associations. They are more of an extension of your culture.

Beautifully hand carved, some of this jewellery resonates with heritage pieces which can be passed down through generations.  You can pick up one of these rustic pieces without second guessing.

13161803_1717857715154416_5009787475354844994_o (1)

The trend’s Eastern influences come from Hinduism and Buddhism informing the talisman-esque pieces at designer stores around the world. Blame this trend on fashion’s prevailing obsession with all things vintage, or perhaps the global turn towards a more holistic, conscious way of life that is beginning to reflect in people’s sartorial choices.

13415682_1731884953751692_4340093933789475648_o (1)

Religious imagery too plays a huge told in Spiritual jewellery. Combinations of precious metals like sterling silver with beautiful mini hand paintings, or a Trishul Kada with precious stones like tourmaline are great statement pieces that are versatile and can be worn with anything!

13173307_1717382091868645_4543296111626777703_o (2)

With manifestations of the rudraksh, or beautiful temple pieces with goddess imagery, spiritual jewellery no more has to look anything less than stylish. Whether at a wedding, or at a brunch, wear your spirituality on your sleeve, and be on trend!

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