Classic Jhumkis


Jhumkis are classic, quite like sarees, they never go out of style! Jhumkis are a part of every Indian girl’s outfit, but the west too is catching on pretty quick. With Jhunki inspired Chandeliers on the rise, this timeless piece of jewellery is here to stay.

Sterling silver jhumkis are great for both everyday wear and festive wear – you can switch from lightweight silver jhumkis to gold plated statement jhumkis and unravel a completely new look!

14589900_1785127298427457_670659374572269649_o (2)

Jhumkis look delightful and we love that they seamlessly work so well on all kinds of outfits and looks. For a more contemporary look, Glass silver jhumkis are a great option. They come in a variety of colours and are easy to mix and match with.

15129602_1808290392777814_998988815410036696_o (1)

For a more polished look, Vine Jhumkis are perfect. You can wear it with an Indian outfit or a cocktail dress, with your hair up or down. No matter what, these gold plated silver jhumkis look absolutely glamorous.

Statement jhumkis, like the Black Onyx Jhumkis are unique and absolutely exquisite. These handcrafted statement jhumkis look absolutely decadent and versatile!


Whether they are traditional jhumkis like kundan jhumkis, or they are a pair of great antique oxidised silver jhumkis, you can go from pretty to glamourous in just a change!


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