Colours of the Sea

15994744_1834713880135465_7542642129155355178_o (2)

We all love that color- the vibrant, happy cross between blue and green that brings our favorite shade: turquoise! And true to its nature, this beautiful coloured stone looks spectacular in jewellery, especially in sterling silver jewellery.

13730886_1751518028455051_4354626719843925309_o (1)

Whether you love statement turquoise earrings that are set off with greenish stones, or like to keep it classic with beautiful natural turquoise pieces set together, gold plated turquoise earrings with the beautiful combination of turquoise and gold are classic.

13717308_1749065282033659_5654374018981501640_o (1)

Statement turquoise bangle cuffs too are a great option if you are bent towards the more ethnic and bohemian styles. Using carved turquoise stones in a beautiful piece like the Turquoise Pacheli looks exquisite and regal and this heritage piece is great for a festive occassion!

13680013_1745056362434551_7285997489629769824_o (1)

So get your hands on some of the most beautiful silver turquoise jewellery and revel in the colours of the sea!

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