Say it with flowers!


Jewelry in floral designs has graced the bodies and garments of people since ancient times. Collectors of floral jewelry equally love antique, vintage, and modern pieces. Floral motifs are omnipresent, especially in jewellery, and looks spectacular when carved into pure sterling silver.

say it with flower blog post - image.jpg


Whether carved into statement floral chandbalis or encrusted in a floral pattern with semi precious stones in a lovely pair of gold plated floral studs, there are diverse options for diverse choices.

13391558_1733876896885831_8441020168416386566_o (1)

Ornate floral engraving looks beautiful on statement cuffs and rings. With it’s ornate handcrafted detailing, these vintage silver cuffs with it’s antique finish look wonderfully boho chic.


Your fascination for floral motif silver jewellery does not have to end here, check out our collection for more!


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