Rustic Oxidised Silver Jewellery


Silver jewellery is classic, and there is a certain charm to oxidised silver jewellery that you can’t deny. Oxidising the silver gives an organic, natural look to a piece, and depending on the style of the jewelry, an oxidized finish can make it look rustic, antique, earthy, or even edgy.

Oxidisation is a natural process that occurs when silver comes in to contact with air , and starts getting a dark greyish look. We personally love that burnished look because it gives a lot of character to Silver.

14333721_1773034362970084_5182156948515665952_n (1)

Handcrafted oxidised silver earrings in intricate engraving look incredible when paired with beautiful earthy tones, and if you want to have that signature ring nothing could beat a beautiful oxidised silver ring.

13708434_1750293815244139_467025250926852040_o (1)

Oxidised silver cuffs too look rich and very bohemian. Oxidised jewellery is on trend because right from bohemian designs to tribal etching, ethnic jewellery to engraved jewellery, quite literally everything looks good when oxidised.

13532820_1741392516134269_955860089666335220_n (2)

So take a break from all things shiny and embrace the burnished, filled with character oxidised movement!

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