Buy an umbrella for your jewelry this monsoon

During summers, every man, woman, kid, senior citizen walking down the streets of Mumbai, crossing junctions, battling in trains during peak hours, stuck in traffic while heading back home pray for one thing – rain. The day when the first showers of monsoon gift the city a cool breeze and the heady aroma of mud which incidentally has a specific name – Petrichor, a smile appears from the core, breathing cool air after ages. But there is a list of things you need to do in the monsoon, one of them being to take extra care of your expensive belongings, right from your leather jacket to your jewelry.

Sept 26 2017.jpg

You must be wanting to eat a grilled corn at a beach with your partner, wearing the best outfit with some attractive jewellery to catch his attention but you may be hesitant on what to wear. You will be happy to know that silver jewellery is the safest and remains unaffected even if it gets in contact with water, humidity, perfumes or extreme temperatures unlike gold plated silver. In case of gold plated silver, water can cause a wearing down of the plating but the same can be restored by getting it re-plated. In any case it’s highly recommended to store gold plated jewellery in a box or a pouch and avoid wearing during monsoon. But if it’s necessary due to the nature of an occasion or an event, then take extra precautions while travelling.

April 30.jpg

It’s hard to look after such unnoticeable issues due to your hectic schedule but such ignorance can damage your precious antique pieces that may be special ones. The best solution to this problem is to connect with a professional online or offline. So connect with us for any relevant information and to check out our latest collection on


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