Mor and Mor of Peacock News!

We have all been reading up about one of the most hysterical stories recently – a judge of the High court claimed, that Peacocks procreate though their tears!!!! I for one, loved reading all the jokes and memes that suddenly came up within a day of this Epic statement!!! Now that all the brouhaha has died down, we can all cherish the peacock for what it really is memorable for – its magnificent beauty!!!! In fact, if the Peacock had a season – this would be it. It heralds the onset of the Monsoons, with its shrill, high pitched, distinctive cries.  With the black clouds gathering, we will hear the Peacock, see its magnificent, multi-hued and full feathered dance. This dance has a purpose – to woo the Peahen!!!


Many Jewellery brands have used the Peacock as their muse and their inspiration. So have we. We have launched the Peacock Mayura Collection as an ode to the Peacock

– The most beautiful, elegant and graceful of all the birds.

Even the feathers of the Peacock are considered auspicious for prosperity. In Hindu culture, the peacock is the mount of Lord Karthikeya or Murugan and is present in the head crown or Mukat of Lord Krishna. Peacock is also linked to the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi and associated with Bodhisattva Kwan-yin as a symbol of love, forgiveness and motherly-nurture. In Tibetan-Buddhist belief, it stands for eternal-life and transformation of evil into goodness.


Exceptional stylistic designs of our National Bird have been rendered by the finest craftsmen in India. There are absolutely exquisite rings in round, square and peacock shape with the full details painstakingly carved in. We have some stunning peacock studs, some long danglers, and a very exceptional peacock taveez earring with jali work. Some pieces have been made in the blue and green of the peacock, depicted with stone work and mounted in gold plated sterling silver, these are truly unique jhumkis. The necklaces are a delight – they really have to be seen to be believed. One of these designs was covered by Vogue UK!!! This is the Peacock Chariot necklace!!!!There is an incredible Diamond, Sapphire and Basra pearl piece with a heart shaped Green onyx stone and another necklace with a Pink quartz stone that are simply mind-blowing!!!!!


Some Sterling silver kadas with elaborate carvings and incredibly elegant, complete the whole look. So come girls, celebrate the hot topic of the day with your own favorite Peacock Jewel!!!!

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