I hated you. But I was wrong.

10 years ago, I hated you for not letting me go for night outs with my friends, not letting me party till late night, not buying a touch screen phone, not letting me drink, not letting me watch TV during exams,  I hated you then. But today at 30 when I look back, I realize that I was wrong. I realize why you did what you did. It was all for my own good.


You are my strength, the creator of my life who was and will always be my side. Even when I was wrong, you have taught me to be strong. A man, a hero who was and will be also my Superman. Father’s Day, though not as popular as Diwali, Eid or Christmas, carries a special relevance and a day dedicated to a man who gave me a life, who taught me to walk, speak, and eat. A day dedicated to that man who sat beside me when I was sick.  Plan a dinner at a place where he couldn’t take you to save his money in order to spend on your further studies and marriage. Buy a personalized gift that he will remember with a father’s day card written by you.

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Ahilya gives you an opportunity to make your father feel special by offering a silver kada or a silver bracelet made out of 92.5% pure sterling silver and personalize the bracelet with his name engraved. Check our collection online at ahilyajewels.com.

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