The one thing about fashion is that there are no rules!!!! Give an unconventional twist to an existing style and lo and behold – you have a brand new trend to show off! Wondering how to show off your toned and tanned back and sharp shoulder blades?


Opt for a stylish Back Necklace! A simple yet stunning style trend, these have been worn by some of our favorite celebrities through the years on the red carpet.



You need to keep some key points in mind when you drape a back necklace on that yourself!

  • Ensure that you wear an outfit that shows off your back and your shoulder blades. The charm of a back necklace will be lost if you don’t have a nice back scooping dress to pair it with



  • Styling your hair appropriately while wearing a backdrop is quite important. Opt fora top bun or a high ponytail, or something that doesn’t cover your back. If you choose to leave your hair open, take it all ahead to one side, leaving your back visible for all the attention.
  • Choose simple and elegant pendants or backdrops to add that extra finesse. Heavy, layered back necklaces often take away from the grace that a back necklace adds. For this particular look, we feel “less is more.”


A collection of necklaces made up of pure sterling silver and designer motifs handcrafted by the finest craftsmen in India, just to make your back, your new front.

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