Behind the camera

There is a popular saying that what you see is not what it is and the truth is unseen. This saying is well connected with the fashion and glamour industry. We only see celebrities looking drop dead gorgeous and absolutely picture perfect with no imperfections seen at all.  But there is a lot more that goes on behind the scenes.

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The truth is that celebrities spend hours before any public appearance with professional stylists around. They are up early in the morning to exercise, keep themselves fit, control their diet to the point of obsession. Despite having an army of hair stylists, make-up stylists, dietitians, gym trainers etc., they need to be thankful to the Americans for designing software like Photoshop which is used to make them look more attractive and stunning. All that air brushing makes them look the way they do. So the next time you look at yourself in the mirror and silently think – your thighs are too fat, your butt is too big, your skin has started wrinkling – keep this in mind!!! They don’t really look like that!!! If you had the same team, you would look pretty similar too!!!!


There is a difference in what they wear at a press conference or an award show and what they wear while travelling abroad or at home with their family. They seldom wear make-up and expensive Jewellery while travelling abroad for shoots as it’s very inconvenient to carry. They prefer simple and less heavy stuff like silver when they are at the airport or airborne. Silver Jewellery is the most preferred while on a trip or for a destination wedding due to its weight and price


Ahilya Jewels offers necklaces, earrings, kadas, pendants and many more products made of pure silver which is 92.5% and comes with a hallmark and certificate of authenticity, best to carry while travelling. Check our collection online at


Who do you think is the Celebrity who looks quite different in real life from the Screen? Do write in and tell us ….

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