Imagine Simran missing the train and no DDLJ!!!!

Ritu and Sanjay are recently married. They both leave together in the morning for work. After work, Sanjay comes to pick up Ritu. On their way back home in the car when it’s raining and the weather is quite romantic, both are busy looking at their respective iPhone screens to check their WhatsApp messages. Priya and Gaurav have come on a date in a restaurant and both have their phones on the table. Both Gaurav and Priya are busy checking their e-mails, surfing Amazon and texting on WhatsApp to their close friends leading to a rift between the two. Imagine Raj of DDLJ putting his hand in his pocket to take out his mobile instead of giving it to Simran to pull her into the train, Simran missing the train and never meeting Raj.


One of the key areas of technology in the last 10 years is social media and digital marketing. Honestly, it’s a very complicated argument whether social media and digital marketing are beneficial or dangerous for the future. So we strongly recommend to be socially active online and keep yourself updated but we also recommend Ritu to spend quality time resting her head on Sanjay’s shoulder while driving back home.


Digital marketing, in a way is very beneficial especially for the working class. Any information on this planet is available due to technology. One of the areas of digital marketing is e-commerce and online shopping. Even the most expensive categories like mobile phones and jewelry are very popular on the online space with services like sending jewelry at consumer’s home just to check but no compulsion to buy. Again, thanks to our Indian IT professionals due to their continuous efforts in making online buying safe and secure in India. However we recommend Priya and Gaurav to avoid surfing and texting while having a candle light dinner.


Ahilya Jewels has a responsive website with an e-commerce platform and an excellent team in place that makes online buying convenient and safe. It also arranges to send the products to the customer’s place for her to check and then buy if she wants , in certain cities. There is no compulsion to buy . It has a presence on almost all the social media platforms to update its followers with magnificent designs of necklaces, earrings, kadas and many more. Log onto our website to check our latest collection. But Ahilya which means “perfect” in Sanskrit also recommends all its followers and customers and page viewers to be a perfect life partner and don’t let your inner Simran miss the romance train.

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