The beautiful relationship of a woman and her jewellery

The crux of every romantic story, the baseline of every advertisement and the master of all life hacks is a confident and charming woman.The woman who works hard, challenges the storm… and the woman who loves jewellery. Ah, yes, jewellery – is there a single woman who doesn’t like jewellery? We think not!

Be it a teacher, home-maker, athlete, doctor or a leader, the combination of women and jewellery are like inseparable Siamese twins! Women across all the fields are excelling and with different fields we see different jewellery that marks a strong personality of them. While for some adorning themselves with those precious ornaments is a way to accentuate their beauty, for others it’s a customary tradition with a string of values attached to each and every piece worn by a lady and for others it is a way of self-expression.

4th-August (1).jpg

Most importantly, jewellery is a phenomenon which showers unconditional love and accepts women with no differentiation based on caste, colour or creed. Moreover, the existence of every ornament drives a purpose and they are customarily gifted at specific events. For example, rings are generally presented at birth, chains when they come of age, necklaces and bangles before weddings, etc.


From Priyanka Chopra’s belly button piercing to Vidya Balan’s off screen style – a bit of oxidized earrings, big beaded necklaces; the creative invention of ornaments has been celebrating women’s physique for hundreds of years now.  Jewellery determines character and personality. Not only our B-Town divas, even Sania Mirza’s aesthetic addition to enhance her appearance by donning a fashionable nose-ring has become a rage across the nation. Slowly but surely, nose rings have moved out from the domain of the traditional and into the artsy and the chic. There are many sports personalities who wear accessories that symbolize inspiration, determination and achievement like patriotic pendants.


The truth is that times and fields may change, but somethings will always remain immortal, like a women’s obsession for jewellery. From being considered a symbol of domesticity to striking a note of non-conformity, jewellery has indeed come full circle.

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