1. When you meet somebody, the first thing you notice is their earring. Surveys say that people generally notice the hair, skin texture or lips when they meet someone for the first time. However, you are one of those who are busy checking out their earring.
  2. If you like their earring, you don’t hesitate in asking about where they got it from. It could be a little embarrassing to ask such things at the first meeting but not for a real earring lover.
  3. You may not be particular about other things but you are very careful about your earrings and their safe place. Things get misplaced or can be kept unattended, but not your earrings. You can get out of your laziness just to keep those earrings at the right spot.


18527610_1894488620824657_6889511482548202152_n4. There is this one earring that you have as your back up option for all the outfits. It’s simple and the most important because it goes with every outfit and every hairstyle. It’s like your favourite pyjama that you end up wearing all the time.

5. You are okay with sharing your food or clothes but not earrings because you are not sure if the other person will love it as much as you do. It doesn’t matter how expensive or cheap it is, it’s a part of your collection and that’s what matters.

6. You make sure you have an earring with every outfit including your night suit.All your earrings are segregated according to your looks. Casual, Indian, formal, semi-formal, party; they’re all sorted.

7. You may be extremely late and end up forgetting things, but not your earring.There are times when you have to let go a few things because you’re getting late. But your earrings are never on that list.


8. Just in case you forget to wear them once in a while, you feel incomplete the whole day. There can be a time of crisis when you forget to wear your earrings, making you feel demotivated and a part of you stays missing.

9. You see an earring shop and walk away is never an option.If you see a store or even a small stall with earrings displayed, you will definitely have a look at it even if you have no intent of buying.

10. You judge people on the basis of their earrings. Their style and choice of earring makes you determine their personality traits and you take full pride in that.


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