The Colour Of My Dreams

I waited for her to leave for office,

As I kept walking towards her room

I couldn’t stop smiling,

As my dream was about to bloom..


I put on those red glass bangles,

That didn’t fit me so well,

This is the sight I was waiting for,

But it was not a story to tell.


The sound of those gorgeous bangles,

Stole my heart every day,

And when I saw them kept on the table,

I ran to wear them & forgot my play.


Melas were not about swings or games,

It was to see those colourful bangles,

Those charms like safety pins around it,

And that prepossessing spangle.


I waited for so many years,

To be able to wear them without permission,

The glass bangles went out of fashion,

Just when I could afford them and was in a position.


I’ve seen my passion growing,

As now I possess a huge collection,

Obsession seems a little negative,

So let’s call it pure love and affection.


Thank you mother for introducing me,

to this enchanting world of bangles,

I will continue to adore them,

As I gaze at them every morning when they dangle

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