• Trendsetter: You make Bold statements with Jewellery that stands out and is very different from the usual. You don’t care about brands because all that matters is that it should be unique. You are carefree, daring and courageous. You love traditional silver jewellery and you would pair it with westerns with great chutzpah and sass.


  • Elegant: Simple and tasteful Jewellery is what you prefer. Pearl necklaces, precious stones and the Classics are your choices in Jewellery. You generally stay calm and poised and are not a risk taker.
  • Organized: You like to match all your jewellery sets making you extremely organized. Not just colours, but you’re good with coordinating in general and can be a wonderful host at a party.


  • Joyous– Crazy for large Jewellery like thick hoops and large danglers, you are active, social and an extrovert. Just like your Jewellery choices, you like to live life king size.
  • Go Getter- You have a sharp mind and clear goals. Sharp edged danglers and chokers are your choice of Jewellery that give your personality an edge.
  • Style Diva– You are the fashion consultant of your group. Having a collection of all kinds of Jewellery pieces sourced from flea markets to high end boutiques , you have an eye for whats “ in “ and are an early adopter. Women love seeing what you are wearing and copy your dress sense.



  • Romantic- You believe in pure love and are very sensitive towards things. Chains, pearls, beads , filigree and delicately designed pieces are your choices as it brings you pure joy.
  • Artistic- Being creative and imaginative, you have an eye for well-crafted Jewellery pieces. Intricate designs, handcrafted Jewellery is what you get attracted to.  You appreciate pieces which are intricately hand carved because you know the will become heirlooms in another generation !!!
        Ahilya has something for each of these women – have a look and find your inner goddess!!!

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