Jewellery having traditional elements and designs but expressed in a contemporary form has gained immense popularity with modern women and their jewellery collection. The industry and the artisans have monitored the responses and trends very carefully to create phenomenal jewellery pieces. Taking inspiration from traditional art that has been in existence for thousands of years and transforming it into beautiful hand carved accessories is what makes these ‘karigars’ absolute geniuses.

Gone are the days when women wore jewellery only for weddings and other important functions, as now it plays a vital role in our day to day lives. It may not sound complicated but the karigars put in a lot of thought behind the inspiration, motifs, and the intricacy of every design on the piece. How did peacock, elephant, and parrot motifs come in the picture? There was a thought, a story, and a creative hand to create thousands of such motifs that express a deep yet mind boggling symbol. 

8th Oct

Interestingly, karigars also known as ‘babu’, are the link between designer and tradition because that’s when modernity and tradition blend in gorgeously and create such masterpieces. There is absolute brilliance seen in the heritage pieces created by them, which will not be seen in the next generation. These pieces can be passed to the successors as it will not be made in their era and that’s what makes it special. While some pieces take days to be crafted, there are some grand pieces that take months and months to be carved and crafted meticulously until the karigar is satisfied. When we see an absolutely alluring necklace and it brings a smile on our face, that’s when the karigar smiles too.


India has many skilled and trained artisans who breathe life into the designs making them refreshing, relatable, and simply impeccable. Rawa work which is seen in many jewellery pieces is one of the most difficult forms as it involves tremendous detailing and intricacy. It is a fact that there are many advancements that have taken place in last few years making jewellery designing faster but that’s exactly what differentiates them with karigars. Just like no technological advancement can cook the same food as your mother, there is no technology that can create the same hand-carved piece as the karigar


The good news is that many businesses have chosen to empower those karigars by bringing out the best out of them and create fantastic jewellery. And the jewellery lovers have shown no hesitation in expressing their interest in it.

ABR16314-52SNN (1).jpg

It’s time to celebrate craftsmanship and their deep-rooted yet progressive approach in their pieces making them the predominas of jewellery industry.


Ahilya Jewels believes in their art sensibilities and continues to support this form in every possible way!

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