As the wedding season has arrived, the search for sassy attires and jewellery has begun!! Every year, there is a different trend and style flowing in the air and we don’t want you to take a miss on that. So here’s a quick look into the hottest jewellery trends with Ahilya’s suggested pieces for the coming wedding season.

Layered Neckpieces:

It’s important to shake the trend and keep trying different styles of wearing your jewellery. Take a break and look for more than one neckpiece and club them together like a choker with a long necklace or you can try our Dholki Bead Necklace with lots layered strands.



Haath Phools:

The traditional haath phool is making a  comeback albeit in a different way. Filigree work, coloured stones and many interesting combinations are being welcomed this season.

Temple jewellery:

This style of jewellery is eternal. The designs, finish and its connection to deeper roots is admired by many. If you’re wondering whether it’s a good idea to wear these South pieces, we would like to inform you that it’s always a great idea!



The Nath:

It is a fact that nose ring lost its popularity in the past few years, but it has come back with a bang! Thanks to some fashion influencers who made sure that such a gorgeous jewellery piece shouldn’t get lost.

Get simple necklace and earrings and wear it with a nath to surround yourself with only compliments.



Big maang tikkas:

There is no doubt that we are moving very fast towards modernity but there are a few things that keep pulling us back to our traditions. The Maang Tikkas are the seen to be the need for every women at the weddings, specially for people who live outside India. The Maang Tikka doesn’t necessarily have to be in gold, there are some beautiful styles in silver as well, that look spectacular.

Lastly, we would like to give you an awesome suggestion for this wedding season.Most of the people choose a gold jewellery look so if you want to stand out, try a complete silver jewellery look. A pure silver look will definitely accentuate your outfit and make heads turn like how.



Our aim at Ahilya is to deliver the best of exclusive handcrafted pieces that make you look simply the best.

Log on to to look for your favourite jewellery for this wedding season!!


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