Are You Into Heavy Metal?

If you’re thinking why does a jewellery brand care about a genre like heavy metal music, we’d like to clear it out for you. We are indicating the heavy silver jewellery pieces that are perfect for this season. They are heavy only in terms of impact – quite light on your neck or ears , because pure silver is oh so light !!!!!


Ahilya Jewels has a fabulous collection of large and magnificent necklaces that just can’t go unnoticed. So if you’re into such pieces, have a look at some of them –


Ganesha Haar Necklace– Seek divine blessings with the sacred Ganesha Haar Necklace that is large and wide to make a huge statement. Ganesha’s motif in the middle and intricate hand carvings , is what makes this piece so powerful and enchanting.




Chandbali Pink and Blue Glass Necklace – Another statement piece, this necklace has been designed around crescent shaped chandbalis centered on the floral motif. Intricately placed indigo blue and pink glass pieces form the most beautiful part of the necklace. It is strung together with a blue and pink glass motif in an abstract design.




Hand Painted Deity and Peacock Necklace : An absolutely stunning necklace that is guaranteed to garner attention! Centered around a beautiful hand painted plaque of a deity, are exquisite stylized motifs of peacocks and from the leaf-like motifs are suspended a fringe of silver beads. The arms of the necklace are formed with peacock motifs and suspended silver beads.


Statement Engraved Leaf Necklace: This exquisite statement necklace consists of a big leaf shaped pendant with floral and peacock motif, with long peacock plaques with ghungroos dangling off it, set on a thick chain which has two rectangular plaques on either side with detailed Lakshmi and Ganesha detailing.




Lotus Red Green Glass Necklace: The ultimate statement piece, this incredible necklace is designed around a lotus with a hand painted plaque in the center and beautifully strung with green and red abstract glass pieces alternating with silver.


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We have many such statement necklaces that’ll make a miraculous difference in your look for this season.
To have a look at our entire collection, log on to

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