India is probably one of the most diverse nations in the world with a very complex amalgamation of cultural identities. Despite the cacophony of relentless cultural debate in today’s time and age, what binds us together is this very diversity and perhaps, our love for tradition and everything else that it brings with it. We are a nation that thrives on a heady mix of uniqueness and that is the reason why our love for traditional jewelry is evident in our society no matter which part of the country you belong to.

Having said that, here is the list of some common, yet enthralling pieces of silver jewelry from various states of our country that bring out the uniqueness as well as the conventional side of our society:

  1. Junbiri (Assam): This half moon, silvery with gold plating pendant is very popular amongst Assamese women.It is made keeping in mind the beauty and elegance of a woman. Its beauty and elegance is unmatched to say the least.


  1. Passa (Uttar Pradesh): This impeccable maang-tika is one of the reasons why Uttar Pradesh is home to some of the most fabulous and regal pieces of jewelry.


  1. Hansli (Bihar): The alluring charm of this piece goes much beyond the ethnic Dhokra tribes   residing in this eastern part of the country. This one is definitely a winner.


  1. Dejhoor (Jammu and Kashmir): There is a reason why Kashmir still remains such a mystical land. Is it possible to encapsulate the beauty of the land and contain it in this piece of traditional jewelry? Because this sure feels like it.


  1. Paizeb (Andhra Pradesh): Imagine sitting in a silent room when suddenly you hear the sweet sound of tiny little bells chiming through the room. That’s what this beautiful anklet from Andhra Pradesh is like. Beauty is clearly and understatement.


  1. Pullaku (Tamil Nadu): There is only word that comes to mind when you wear a Pullaku,  “captivating!”


  1. Kolusu (Kerala): These silver anklets worn by the girls and women on weddings and festive occasions. The trinkets are a symbol of a lady’s presence.


  1. Tholu Bandhi (Karnataka): This unique piece of jewelry is worn as an armband or an armlet. Its elegant artistry and unique design is what makes this a favorite among the brides of Karnataka.


  1. Kolhapuri Saaj (Maharashtra): Grandiose design and its elegance is what makes the Kolhapuri Saaj a coveted piece in a Maharashtrian woman’s collection.

CV-MMAHA54069231490-Jewellery-Maharaja_Crafts_International-Craftsvilla_1 (1).jpg

  1. Kandora (Gujarat): This fancy kamarbandh, worn around the waist is extremely popular in Gujarat. Designed mostly in silver, this unique piece definitely catches everyone’s fancy.


  1. Haath Phool (Rajasthan): Everything about this colorful state is note-worthy. Their penchant for beautiful things is well-known. It therefore comes as no surprise that this beautiful piece of jewelry is a crowd favourite.


  1. Khao (Sikkim): This bulky, yet intricately designed neck-piece from the tiny Himalayan state of Sikkim is a clear stand-out. One can trace its origin to Tibet where this necklace was considered a statement piece. Khao is worn extensively in Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh as well.



There are of course other states as well that boast of many differently designed ornaments. As mentioned earlier, India is home to thousands of cultural identities and for a jewelry aficionado, our country is treasure trove that has much to offer, but then again, that’s a story for another day.  

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