Pick the Right Jewellery for your Neckline!


It happens quite often that we like a particular necklace but it doesn’t go well with the dress we’re wearing primarily because of the neckline. You may have the best necklace but if it’s not going well with your outfit’s neckline, then it loses it’s value instantly. So here is a look guide with some popular necklines to help you find the right necklace.


  1. Round Necklines– This neckline is pretty common and is also known as scoop neckline. Chokers go perfectly well with this and stand out, making you look like a princess. Chokers with thick strands or multiple strands can be a great idea for this neckline.


  1. High Neckline– If you’re opting for a high neckline then go for long necklaces with either simple chains or pendant necklaces that will look magnificent on it. Rani Haars are a great choice for this kind of neckline.



  1. Deep V Neckline– This neckline gives you many options to play around with. You can either go for a choker or a long necklace but make sure the long necklace should either be longer than your neckline or shorter because falling just at the cleavage can be a turn off. What would be awesome? If you go for a choker as well as a long necklace together because that will not only make you look stunning but extraordinary.




  1.  Off-Shoulder Neckline- This neckline allows you to be more dramatic since it has more skin to show. Don’t ruin your look by wearing a long necklace because it’s your one chance to use your neck to it’s best. Go for some dramatic chokers or short length necklaces with heavy work preferably matching with your outfit.




  1. Strapless Neckline– Since strapless necklines gives you many options, you can experiment with different necklaces. Statement pieces and layered necklaces are a great idea for this neckline since there is space to accessorize more than the usual.



Choose wisely, look the best!!

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