Make this a Silver Xmas!

SO its already Xmas weekend – have you worked out what you’re going to wear for the spate of parties coming up? No ? Then here are some tips to jazz up your outfits by making it a Silver Xmas !!!!! You got it !!!! Bling up your dresses with our unforgettable ideas and make sure you’re simply unforgettable.



Tip #1 :
Make a statement with big simplicity. What do we mean by that? As they say “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication “ and what we’re going to tell you is to wear just ONE statement earring or necklace. Just the one. Maybe pair it up with either a large cocktail ring or chunky kada. Here, pls remember less is more. That ONE piece should have a WOW factor – that’s all. 

Tip #2
Wear your LBD with your jewelry bringing out the Xmas colours of red and green !!!! How totally cool is that !!!!! Choose from earrings to cuffs to necklaces !!!!
17th Dec.JPG
Tip #3
Xmas is all about fun and being playful. Wear long jhumkis and long chandelier earrings, leave your hair open and long, and get super flirty under the mistletoes !!!!
Tip #4
Go Boho – Stack your bracelets, or wear that one Payal and really stand out !!!
Whatever you do – have fun, drive safe and make merry !!!! Merry Xmas !!!!!


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