Trishul – The symbol of ida, pingala and sushumna


Trishul has great significance in the Hindu Religion, it is in the hands of almost all the deities but the significance is even more when it is held by Lord Shiva. Now why Trishul has been given so much of significance in our culture does have a very deep meaning which is beyond the apparent.
The origin of the trishul-astra is described in the Vishnu Purana. Created by Surya the Sun God, it is said to have been carved out of matter from the Sun.
When Suryadev married Samjna, the daughter of Vishwakarma, his wife soon became unhappy with married life due to the unbearable heat of her husband Surya. She complained to Vishwakarma, who agreed to solve the problem.
The transcendental architect Vishwakarma devised a means to have excess energy apportioned off of Surya. Surya’s heat was ground off on a grinding machine; the solar matter fell to the earth, reducing his heat by 1/8th. That material was then fashioned into the deadly trishul-astra.
Lord Shiva’s trishul-astra, or trident, has come to be associated with numerous triad attributes. Held in Shiva’s right hand, it represents the three shaktis : iccha (will), jnana (knowledge), and kriya (action). Jnana shakti is the component of knowing, it is the concept of omniscience. Within it is contained knowledge, wisdom and experience. Ichha shakti is will. Jnana or wisdom without will has no meaning, no substance. Kriya shakti is the process of experimentation, the process of action, awareness of the reaction, then again action..
Trishul’s points also symbolize three aspects of Shiva: paramashiva, parashakti and parabindu.
Paramaśiva is nothing but pure “Awareness-Light” . Adi Parashakti means “The Eternally Limitless Power” & Para Bindu or Maha Bindu contains the unified Shiva and Shakti. It is also called Para Brahman or Param Atma. The term Bindu is often used when one talks about all of creation flowing forth from it.
Shiva is known as the Lord of Omkara (Omkareshvara), thus in transcendental sound, the three points of trishul-astra are associated with the three syllables of Omkara: A (akara), U (ukara) and M (makara).But, what makes the trident such a special symbol of God, and what message does it convey?What makes the trident such a potent symbol are its three prongs. In Shaivite theology, Shiva holding the trishula symbolizes that the entire triadic universe is held together by the Lord.

In Shaivite theology and metaphysics, therefore, the Trishula is the perfect symbol of the manifest universe, just as the Wielder of the trishula is the perfect representation of Divinity.

We have many pieces are that are inspired by Lord Shiva’s Trishul



Special edition Trishul Kada made in pure 92.5 sterling silver. This unisex kada has intricate work with a pair of black oynx in a bezel setting, situated inside a dumroo, leading into a Trishul. This is a unisex kada and can be worn by both men and women. !!!! Om Namah Shivaay !!!!




Special edition Gold Plated Turquoise Trishul Kada made in pure 92.5 sterling silver. This unisex kada has intricate work with a pair of turquoise in a bezel setting, situated inside a dumroo, leading into a Trishul.




This simple yet unique choker consists of 5 Trishuls on a black cord , emanating like the rays of the sun !!!! The Trishul , is always in the hands of Lord Shiva and connotes the three powers of knowledge , desire and implementation. This choker can be worn by both men and women !!! OM NAMAH SHIVAAY!!!



Designed around the Trishul motif , as carried by Lord Shiva , this ring has an adjustable shank , so it can fit any finger size. Suitable to wear for both men and women. Om Namah Shivaay !!!!!




An extremely simple and powerful design. The Trishul , also made in the shape of an Om, with a Damroo and an exquisite turquoise stone in the centre .Can be worn by both men and women.



Designed around an exquisitely shaped Trishul and Damroo with Turquoise stones , this beautiful kada has parrots on the side and intricate rawa work. With a spring lock in the middle , it can be easily slipped on. Suitable to wear for both men and women. Om Namah Shivaay !!!



This elegant and subtle Lord Shiva pendant with the Trishul and Damroo embellished with a Rudraksha is creatively crafted in 92.5 Sterling Silver. The Damru which is a musical instrument is largely associated with the Hindu deity Lord Shiva and is believed to generate spiritual energy when played. Bam Bam Bhole !!!!



Beautifully designed around a Trishul and Damroo with a rudraksha suspended – these will surely capture attention !!! Har Har Mahadev !!!Om Namah Shivaay !!!!



Designed as a Trishul this is a lovely nose pin, Om Namah Shivaaya !!!!!

Shiva Trishul has a spiritual significance and our designs are truly inspired by his adornment.

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