Ardhanarishvara – the dual nature of cosmos!!

Ardhanarishvara is an androgynous deity composed of Shiva and his consort Shakti, representing the synthesis of masculine and feminine energies. According to many scriptures, everything in this Universe originates from Ardhanarishvara and goes back into Ardhanarishvara after completion of its lifetime. This view is supported by a lot of arguments.
The Samkhya texts state that there are two distinct fundamental eternal entities: the Purusha and the Prakriti.  Purusha and Prakriti cannot exist independent of each other. They must exist together and in harmony in order to create.

The Devi Bhagwat Purana says that Purusha (Shiva, in material form) worshipped and meditated on Adishakti for thousands of years, using the beej mantra “Kleem”.She then incarnated in front of him in the form of Sidhidatri, from the left half of Lord Shiva.

The earliest Ardhanarishvara images are dated to the Kushan period, starting from the first century. The Puranas and various iconographic treatises write about the mythology and iconography of Ardhanarishvara. While Ardhanarishvara remains a popular iconographic form found in most Shiva temples throughout India, very few temples are dedicated to this deity.
Yet another beautiful aspect of the Ardhanarishvara icon is that both the male and the female are treated as equals, each one wielding equal and limitless powers, each one working for the benefit of the universe.

Ardhnarishvara personifies the dissolution of sectarian strains and the adoption of a more holistic, all embracing worldview. Ardhanarishvara signifies “totality that lies beyond duality”, that God is beyond the classification of male and female. It unifies all the dichotomies of Universe. It represents two conflicting ways of life which are needed for life to be created. Therefore, none can exist without the other.

Across cultures, hermaphrodite figures like Ardhanarishvara have traditionally been associated with fertility and abundant growth. In this form, Shiva in His eternal embrace with Prakriti represents the eternal reproductive power of Nature, whom He regenerates after she loses her fertility.
It also answers the question as to why a wife must always sit at the left hand side of her husband. The wife traditionally sits to the left of the husband and is often called vamangi or the left-sided one. The left side is the location of the heart and is associated with feminine characteristics like intuition and creativity, while the right is associated with the brain and masculine traits – logic, valor and systematic thought.

Today, society and even women have misunderstood feminine nature as weakness. Consciously nurturing and celebrating the feminine in a society is very essential. This needs to happen right from school. If we don’t see how to make both the masculine and feminine find equal roles to play in our life structure, we will live very incomplete, lopsided lives.

The Rig Veda and subsequent body of Indic thought talk a lot of the unity of male and female elements, often as aspects of the One. The Rig Veda explicitly proclaims: “What you describe …as male, is in reality also the female”.
The most interesting fact about the study of the Prakriti-Purusha symbolism of dualities existing with each other in order to create perfect harmony; is the actual medical indication of the same in all our bodies. All men and women have cross elements of the opposite sex in them. The hormone, Testosterone, which is a predominantly male hormone, is also found in moderate quantities in women. Conversely, the female hormone, Estrogen, is also present in men. This in itself is the evidence that a little of both sexes are present in all of us.

So we have the emergence of the Metrosexual Man – a man who is not afraid to embrace his feminine side . And a similar rise in the Assertive Women, who are proud  to show their masculine side.

And so we have a collection of Designs that would appeal to both men and women. Have a look at some of these Unisex designs:
Special edition Trishul Kada made in pure 92.5 sterling silver. This unisex kada has intricate work with a pair of black oynx in a bezel setting, situated inside a dumroo, leading into a Trishul. This is a unisex kada and can be worn by both men and women. !!!!Om Namah Shivaay !!!!
Designed as an openable locket , with the cover done in exquisite Baroque designs with a green onyx cabochon. This is a unisex ring . Can be worn by both men and women. Comes with an adjustable shank , so it can fit any finger size.
A unique bangle with tribal engraving flanked by 3 ruby coloured stones. This is a lovely and light piece and is truly one-of-a-kind! This is a unisex bangle and can be worn by both men and women.
An incredible design based on Baroque style, with red coral on and carvings on three sides .With an adjustable shank.
This simple yet unique choker consists of 5 Trishuls on a black cord , emanating like the rays of the sun !!!! The Trishul , is always in the hands of Lord Shiva and connotes the three powers of knowledge , desire and implementation. This choker can be worn by both men and women !!! OM NAMAH SHIVAAY!!!
Designed with two fierce lions in a face off – mouths open , their mane , each hair intricately carved and the entire body in painstaking hand carvings of foliage, this one is a unisex Kada. Can be worn by both the men and women.
22528448_1972204836386368_1649386013501461854_n (1).jpg
An Elegant ring with intricately handcrafted tribal motifs with an adjustable shank to fit any finger size, in Sterling Silver.
This Mandala shape inspired bracelet consists of three rows of minimal round silver beads threaded together, with a thick cord fastening. Can also be worn as an armband. Can be worn by both men and women.
Silver kada with elephant head terminals and an intricate floral design on the body in Sterling Silver. Can be worn by both men and women.
Beautifully designed around a Trishul and Damroo with a rudraksha suspended – these will surely capture attention !!! Har Har Mahadev !!!Om Namah Shivaay !!!!
Our jewellery is inspired by Ardhanarishvara. This jewellery can be worn by both men & women.
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