Tis the Season of Parties !!!! Of all types – cocktails , anniversary bashes , pre-wedding functions , or just some fun ones to enjoy the outdoors with some fine wines and cheese !!!!!
We got a plethora of new statement pieces for you to wear and stand out !!!!!






Designed like you’re wearing a whole lot of thin plain bangles !!!! Super playful and flirty. We just love this practical kada that is heavy on impact !!!!




Very classy and minimalistic , this spiral ring has 6 lines. Will look great at work or a lunch out .


We love the Zen vibes of this minimalist bangle with a single pearl and single leaf !!!!! Just perfect to wear to work .




This one stands out for all the right reasons !!!! If you want to wear something super contemporary , then pick this . Wear over a white shirt to work or to that lunch out with your girls !!!!


This is an extremely elegant piece with an intricately carved peacock motif and a suspended stylised mesh.




These wrap around the entire ear , can be clipped at the top with a cuff and studs at the bottom to secure its position. Very dressy and will stand out instantly . Just pull your hair back into a bun and watch the admiring stares !!!!!



Totally a party wear piece – playful and flirty, with the bunch of pearls drop swinging away with the slightest movement.



An extremely dressy piece , we have designed it as a taweez with chakras laid out in glass. Long chain suspensions ending with ghungroos gives it a flirty boho vibe !!!! Will look great for those occasions !!!!


So, just throw the confusion out of your mind and glam up your cocktail party with any of these super-stylish jewellery ideas. Also, don’t get influenced by fashion, create your own personal style !!!!!
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