Gorgeous statement neckpieces !!


Dainty necklaces and classic hoops have been ruling the accessory scene for quite some time now. But it’s time to get ready for the return of maximalist jewellery. These unique and modern pieces will instantly glamourize any of your staple wardrobe items, making sure you stay fashion-forward. This festive season let your style statement rock like never before.

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Our statement jewellery is guaranteed to grab the eyeballs . If you’re looking for making a quiet statement , try our exceptional necklaces:





Another beautiful piece done in exceptional Nakashi work depicting Lord Shiva and Parvati seated on Nandi – the Bull who is their Vahana. Surrounded by a multitude of beautiful peacocks. A South india style temple gopuram caps the top of this exceptional piece along with a Yaksha holding up the Divinity . It is truly an incredible piece !!!! The level of detailing , each and every figure , just stupendous amounts of intricacy.
Amazingly light weight and yet packing a punch in terms of sheer visual impact , this beauty of a necklace has the Goddess laxmi also known as Padmalaxmi , seated on a lotus , surrounded by beautifully and intricately carved peacocks , topped by ruby coloured spinel stones.
This is a Statement necklace in every which way . Centred around a Nakashi centrepiece of Lakshmi seated on a lotus surrounded by stylised peacocks on the sides as well on the top. Surmounted by a large ruby coloured spinnel stone. The two peacock panels on the side are hinged to the main centre pendant for ease of sitting on the chest contours. And strung in beautifully carved beads with additional peacock panel separators. With a Dori fastening so you can adjust the length as per your wish.
Gorgeously designed in the shape of stylised flower buds , interspersed with ruby red spinnel stones and with clusters of seed pearls . Centred around a beautiful Lakshmi seated on a lotus surrounded with deep red spinnel stones and a surround of seed pearls . A standout statement piece this one is !!!!! This necklace will go perfectly with the Lakshmi Flower bud stud.
Centred around Lord Krishna playing the flute satntanding on a Lotus , with the Naga behind him , and 2 plaques on either side of Goddess Lakshmi , with a surround of seed pearls. And strung with paisley keri panels. With a Dori fastening so you can adjust the length as per your wish.
This is an absolute beauty of a neckpiece – Krishna serenading Radha with his bansuri flute in the verdant forests of Vrindavan. The Cow mesmerised as well. Each detail finely etched. This is an incredible Three dimensional piece. A true Statement piece this one !!!!
Triple strand of gold plated Sterling Silver dholki shaped beads strung together in adjustable maroon cord. While this necklace meets our quality standards ,it comes without Hallmarking as the Hallmarking process involves the application of a strong force to engrave on the metal, and the dholki beads may get disfigured, due to their intricate craftsmanship.
Designed around a woven Hasli with a pair of birds at the centre and triangular plaques suspended, this is another Statement piece.
According to Indian mythology, Bhuvaneshwari is the name of the Goddess of Earth. Here we have designed Goddess Lakshmi , who is also called as Bhuvaneshwari , seated on a lotus and surrounded by all sorts of stylised animals. The chain of the necklace has a beautiful foliate design . This is an incredible necklace with intricate carving and hand work.
This is a best chance to own a statement piece which can work in any festive season.
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