And its International Women’s Day tomorrow – a celebration of women and everything to do with us !!!! Yayyyyyyyy !!!!!!

I was lucky I was raised by a strong woman who told me always – Women and Men are not equal. Women are far STRONGER than men . That , to me , was my defining point . Nothing ever seemed impossible. I knew if i worked hard for anything – it would be mine. What are your stories of strong women who have influenced you , been your role models – do share them with us .
I always tell my husband how us women always need to multi task – he goes to work and thats all he needs to look into. I go to work , and am continuously being called by the kids , the Help , something has stopped working and needs to be fixed urgently , some vegetables need to be bought, fruits , things kids need for their school , arranging their classes and play dates – everything is my responsibility . Life is so much easier if you’re a man
So celebrate Women’s Day by splurging a bit on yourself !!!! You’ve earned it girl so do it guilt free !!!!!
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So, girls love yourself & spoil yourself on this Women’s Day with these beautiful jewellery pieces! Because you’re worth it !!!!!



Designed in the classic Temple style consisting of Lakshmi coins with rich ruby coloured kemp stones giving it a very royal look. This one is for all those special occasions. Bring on the Glam !!!



An extremely dressy piece , this is a taweez with chakras laid out in glass. Long chains ending in ghungroos give it a flirty boho vibe that can rock the your outfit.



Designed like those pretty cloth torans or buntings at the entrance of houses, with beautiful floral designs and an unusual triangular cut at the base with a bunch of ghungroos. This necklace is all set to rock your outfit.


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