Fir Tote se boli maina iss jewellery ka kya kehna?

Through the millennia, the Indian parrot has been revered in texts, myths, legends and art. From the vedas & Puranas to the popular epics and literary classics, parrots have been celebrated as messengers, storytellers and teachers. The tradition goes back to 2500 years ago.


The first written reference to the parrot (in the world) is found in the Rigveda, the earliest of four Vedas, dated 1500-1200 BCE according to most estimates. By the time of the third Veda, the Yajurveda dated to around 1200-900 BCE, there are ample of references to parrots being kept as pets. In fact, there is even a reference in Yajurveda to parrots “Uttering Human Speech”


In Hindu mythology, the parrot is associated with Lord Kama, the god of love symbolising fertility and desire.The bird is found as a motif in South Indian temples.
In their efforts to reproduce the flora and fauna of the natural world, we have crafted some exquisite parrot pieces. Many of our Parrot jewellery pieces are designed to be worn casually, every day.


Have a look:



These temple inspired earrings are intricate and spectacular! Set in 92.5 Sterling Silver, each earring comprises double jhumkis with two beautifully engraved parrots on either side.




We just love this piece !!!! A profusion of parrots laid out in radiating forms from a central deep red spinel stone , this is really an exquisite design . With an adjustable shank to fit any ring size.




This ORNATE GOLD PLATED PARROT BANGLE CUFF looks exceptional & beautiful for occasions . An exceptional Temple piece !!!!




A really sweet and simple design of a parrot seated on a branch. Would look lovely to wear to that Ladies lunch or at work.




An absolutely stunning necklace that is guaranteed to garner attention! Centered around a beautiful hand painted plaque of a deity, are exquisite stylized motifs of parrots, and from the leaf-like motifs are suspended a fringe of silver beads.




This utterly beautiful motif of a half moon , stylistically represented , with a pair of Parrots in a floral design , suspending several ghungroos .




A unique and exceptional piece designed around the chandbali or the half crescent and topped with a pair of stylised parrots. Fringed with ghungroos , this is made in pure Sterling Silver.




We love this piece. Designed in a classic Indian motif of a parrot seated on two leaves beautifully rendered in pink and green enamel to produce a glass like an effect. The lines of the parrot have been exquisitely rendered in perfect gold outline and suspending a pearl. The real unique part of the design is the way it goes in your ears.



Parrots were also believed to possess mystical or spiritual insight and so had the competency to predict the future. This belief persists even today as in many parts of India, you can find a local astrologer carrying tarot cards which his caged parrot picks out. We don’t know about that bit – but what we CAN predict is that you’re going to buy one or more of these gorgeous parrot Jewels and feel on top of the world wearing them !!!!!
Inspired by the beauty of parrot we’ve designed many pieces. You can have a look here:

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