Work your jewels !!!!

Every woman desires to dress up stylish. However, where fashion and style are concerned, at a workplace, dressing becomes a challenging task. Nobody is saying – look like a Xmas tree ( for Gods sake – DO NOT ) . However you can create your own individual else of style at your workplace – something that is distinctively your own thing !!!!! It could be – you always wear a large bindi , or you wear the smartest western skirts and tops , or you are known for those gorgeous saris , or linen jackets !!!!! It could be all of these AND your own sense of style as regards to the Jewelery you wear . Maintaining the office decorum is, of course, important, but doesn’t necessarily mean , to sacrifice your sense of personal style.


Choosing those classic pieces of daily-wear jewellery that complement your outfit, can serve as a great way to feel motivated to go to the office. Remember with office wear – less is more – make sure to keep your office-wear jewellery minimal to match your formal outfit and not go for bling that could ruin the look.


Have a look at our work wear collection:



Beautiful earrings to complement any outfit. The beauty of this  earring is the rawa work which looks simple & eye-catching.




This iridescent piece is as beautiful as it is timeless. This adjustable ring is all set to rock your style statement.




This iridescent ring is quirky and charming and perfect for every office outfit!


This is a classy ring that can go on any outfit. This ring will definitely create a buzz.


These starburst earrings in Sterling Silver are very dressy. Designed as a flower-head set to a conical central plaque, with a surround of silver petals, the lower four suspending bunches of silver beads. Be it formal or casual wear, these earrings will add instant stardom to your outfit.




A lovely diamond shaped statement ring made of tiny petals. This beautiful ring is a must have.



Designed as intricately carved elephant head terminals on a striated kada. This can be a great fit for both office & casual outfits.



The beauty of this piece is its utter simplicity. With an openable locking system hidden near the ball , this kada can be opened and worn on any office outfit.


Be it any formal or casuals our jewellery will let your style flourish like never before.
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