The work wear collection !!!!

Dressing for work can get tricky at times. You should be careful about choosing your outfit and accessories. Always, choose the type of jewellery that makes your look more elegant (and work-appropriate!). The simple guideline says, go for comfortable, hassle-free, everyday, jewellery for your workplace. Of course, your choice of jewellery will depend on the profession you are in . In a more conservative office environment, you can wear stud earrings or a delicate ring that doesn’t look too fancy or make any noise. Conversely, in more creative office environments, statement pieces are still appreciated. Whatever the environment – it is essential you create your own sense of style !!!! Be known for a distinct sense of dressing and jewellery – stand out and get noticed by Senior Management !!!!!
A rule of thumb says, “Try and limit your look to not more than three pieces.” Anything out of a watch, bracelet/bangles, ring, earring and delicate chain is probably too much for any workplace. We have put together a complete work wear jewellery collection for you which helps in styling your office look. We are sure that these beauties will help you look and feel smart, confident and poised. Looking good and felling great with Ahilya !!!!!



A really sweet and simple design of a parrot seated on a branch. Would look lovely to wear to that Ladies lunch or at work.

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