Style guide for your everyday & office wear !!!!

You may dress to impress at work, but accessorising your look sensibly is what adds up to make a lasting impression.


Garnishing your outfit with subtle jewellery helps the tones and structures of an outfit standout.

People have been wearing jewelry for centuries to enhance their overall look or to make a statement of status. While trends come and go, there are still some basic guidelines that are timeless. One of the most important things to remember is that you need to be aware of what is considered proper attire for each situation and choose your jewelry accordingly. Keep it elegant and sleek with minimal jewellery.


Here are a few jewellery tips to keep you ahead of the game:




For completing the ethnic formal look, say no to large and overworked bracelets and rings as these pieces actually hinder hand movements. Hence, choosing simpler office wear jewellery pieces that don’t create difficulties in typing and other table works is a great idea.

A simple flower kada with pretty different charms suspended. This one is for all the young ones and Dreamers !!!!!

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