Girls love yourself & spoil yourself because you’re worth it !!!!!

Womanhood is hard to define, but one can argue it is defined by struggles. Struggles against impossible beauty standards and body shaming. The struggle of  either wanting kids or choosing not to have them and knowing that, no matter what you choose, an overwhelming majority is going to think you’re wrong. Our bodies and our sexuality are a subject of controversy, caught in limbo between being revered as mysterious and beautiful and being renounced by society as unclean and objectified.
But at the core of all that struggle, there is immense power. Women endure the pains of childbirth, the fear of assault, the climb towards greater career opportunities, and the constant back and forth of what it is to be a woman and they do so with grace and dignity and power. The mothers. The lovers. The executives. The free spirits. The warriors. We, as women, are powerful. We are survivors.
There is a beautiful line from a poem on Womanhood
I’m sure every working woman
Has a different story to tell.
So, whenever you look
At a house that’s tidy,
A child who is happy,
Intelligent and healthy,
Remember, it’s the woman behind
Who sacrificed her sleep,
her degrees, her passion
her ambitions and needs.
Give her a pat, a word of praise,
a ear to listen, a helping hand
It’s always a woman
who makes the house a home.
But it’s everyone’s duty
To make her feel at home.
After playing all these roles you need to celebrate by splurging a bit on yourself !!!
You deserve it because you’re worth it!!


Designed as an abstract floral motif , rendered in mother of pearl . This simple yet elegant design , can be worn on casual outfits.


Flaunt your style with these tiny drop earrings with rawa work detailing . These earrings can go well with your western formals as well as western casuals.
Made in the shape of a key hole or Kuchika , these are absolutely stunning Balis !!!!! Intricate Rawa work across the entire surface makes them even more gorgeous !!!

Small things can make a huge difference. Just like the pretty Mother Of Pearl Floral studs in Silver sterling that have an expression of their own.
A simple flower kada with pretty different charms suspended. This one is for all the young ones and Dreamers !!!!!

This antique looking necklace is made by some of our best artisans. It has teardrop patterns set in a crescent chandbali style with ghungroos at the bottom. We have given it an oxidised finish , however if you would like it in shiny silver , we can give it to you in that finish.

Designed with a unique Indian motif of a tear drop with beautiful petals in descending order and a surround of seed pearls at the base, this lovely pair is a classic piece.


Flaunt this oxidized silver bracelet with ethnic as well as western wear and create your own unique sense of style at work !!!! Its the small touches that always make the difference !!!!!
Expectations, deadlines, goals, dreams, kids…we are all chasing something. Why not treat ourselves with something that we love.
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