Necklaces inspired by the beauty of Lord Ganesha!

The festival of Ganesh Chaturthi also known as Vinayaka Chaturthi brings with itself a feeling of spirituality, oneness and strength to overcome all our troubles with the blessings of Lord Vinayak. In the 11 days when God Ganesh visits our homes and streets, an aura of positivity is spread around and his presence seems to ward off negativity.
Ganesha, the remover of obstacles and bestower of prosperity, remains the most popular god across India. Ganesha-themed jewellery pieces are also much in demand among people. In fact, India’s favourite god is the fashion lover’s delight.
Here are some of our Ganesha inspired necklaces:


Seek divine blessings with the sacred Ganesha Haar Necklace that is large and wide to make a huge statement. Ganesha’s motif in the middle and intricate hand carvings , is what makes this piece so powerful and enchanting.


This beautiful hand painted Ganesha necklace consists of 8 small plaques on either side of a big plaque, strung with small gold plated silver beads and pearl rudraksh beads, all strung on an adjustable gold cord.


Classic and ornate, this necklace has been intricately handcrafted and is a perfect accessory to dress-up any outfit.This piece has a 3D feel to it and is an excellent interpretation of the visual imagery seen in traditional architecture.
An absolutely decadent necklace, this piece consists of a beautifully engraved ganesha pendant with intricate detailing, strung on two strands of small champagne coloured pearls on either side.


Get ready to exhibit this sensational pendant that has a plaque of a hand painted ganpati which gets its heavenly shine from the crescent moon below it. The plaque is surrounded by nature with leaves and flowers flowing around it. The silver globule like ghungroos are an important element of this grand piece.
Designed around Lord Ganesha seated majestically in a cut out space amidst a pair of beautifully carved stylised elephants and a lovely nature inspired pattern of stylised peacocks running along the length of the piece , ending in a flourish of ghungroos.
This exquisite necklace has an intricately carved Ganesha with the different navagraha coloured stones rendered in glass. It is truly an exceptionally designed piece. Comes with matching earrings that you will have to buy separately. With an adjustable chediya dori.


“How would you like to wear Art on yourself !!!! These are all lovely paintings made by HAND and sealed in a glass plaque – wear this and bring out that arty vibe !!!!!


Get ready to exhibit this sensational pendant that has a plaque of a hand painted ganpati .The plaque is surrounded by nature with Peacocks, leaves and flowers flowing around it. The silver globule like ghungroos are an important element of this grand piece.


This stunner of a necklace has hand painted plaques interspersed with beautifully hand carved beads. The paintings are of Krishna with Radha, Ganesha, and peacocks. The paintings have a protective glass cover. Wear over a nice white top and watch the compliments come flowing in!!!


An exceptional piece with a tribal look Ganesha with four hands surrounded by a plethora of peacocks and foliage , surmounted by a pair of beautifully rendered peacocks and suspending pretty ghungroos with floral designs carved all around the periphery of this one of a kind unique piece
Ganesh is also often associated with luck and prosperity.
Let’s celebrate this auspicious occasion in style with these beautiful jewels.
For more designs visit
Ahilya wishes everyone a very Happy Ganesh Chaturthi !!!

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