Dhanteras is a Hindu festival that is celebrated across the country two days before Diwali. This year, Dhanteras will be celebrated on 25th October, 2019. Dhanteras is also referred to as Dhantrayodashi and it holds a great significance as it marks the beginning of Diwali.


On this auspicious day, Goddess Laxmi and Lord Kuber are worshipped. ‘Dhan’ means wealth and ‘Teras’ refers to the thirteenth day in the moon cycle. According to Hindu calendar, this festival falls in the Kartika month on the thirteenth day of Kartika Krishna Paksha.


On this particular day, Goddess Lakshmi’s destroyer (marak) form is active, since it is the new moon day. The spiritual emotion of the person doing Lakshmi puja activates Goddess Lakshmi’s marak form and destroys the negative frequencies in the environment.


Lord Indra and other male deities also get drawn to the place of ritualistic worship and follow Goddess Lakshmi. Thus happiness, opulence, prosperity, stability and wealth is maintained in the premise (Vastu) by worshiping the 5 elements or Deities


Goddess Lakshmī means wealth, prosperity while alakshmi means poverty, misfortune. Development of virtues gains importance only if one overcomes defects. Just as one makes efforts to acquire wealth (Lakshmi), poverty (alakshmi) should also be destroyed. On the third day of Diwāli, in the evening, Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped and this is called as Lakshmipujan.


Here are some of our designs that are inspired by Goddess Lakshmi:


Rukmini means “ adorned with gold “ and is another name for the Goddess Lakshmi. Made in great detail in Nakashi style with ruby coloured glass and seed pearl cabochons. With bunches of seed pearls hanging from the base this pendant will take your festive outfit up by several notches.



Designed around the central motif of Goddess Lakshmi , made in brilliant nakashi work , with a three dimensional quality. Strung with lines of pearls to look truly elegant.



A BEAUTIFUL GODDESS LAXMI rendered in classic Temple Nakashi style, SURMOUNTED with dark red spinnel stones. A beautiful piece to wear for any festive outfit.



According to Indian mythology, Bhuvaneshwari is the name of the Goddess of Earth. Here we have designed Goddess Lakshmi , who is also called as Bhuvaneshwari , seated on a lotus and surrounded by all sorts of stylised animals. The chain of the necklace has a beautiful foliate design . This is an incredible necklace with intricate carving and hand work.



This wedding season give you style statement a new look with this amazingly light weight and yet packing a punch in terms of sheer visual impact , this beauty of a necklace has the Goddess laxmi also known as Padmalaxmi, seated on a lotus, surrounded by beautifully and intricately carved peacocks, topped by ruby coloured spinel stones.




This is a Statement necklace in every which way. Centred around a Nakashi centrepiece of Lakshmi seated on a lotus surrounded by stylised peacocks on the sides as well on the top. Surmounted by a large ruby coloured spinnel stone. The two peacock panels on the side are hinged to the main centre pendant for ease of sitting on the chest contours. This is a perfect wear for special occasions like Lakshmi Puja.



This is one of our most beloved designs – an incredible three dimensional rendition of the Goddess Lakshmi seated in a temple complete with pillars , archway, chandelier and gopuram. One of the most exquisite and unique necklaces you will ever see. A pure statement piece to wear this festive season.



Amazingly light weight and yet packing a punch in terms of sheer visual impact , this beauty of a necklace has the Goddess laxmi also known as Yashasvini, seated on a lotus , surrounded by beautifully and intricately carved peacocks. A beautiful statement piece that can go on any festive outfit.



These auspicious gold plated jhumkis with goddess Lakshmi placed beautifully in the “Kairi” paisley giving it a divine look. This lovely piece is worth wearing to that special occasion.



An exquisite “taar kashi” necklace coming to you all the way from Orissa, gold plated and mounted in Sterling Silver. This piece is intricately hand carved in the typical filigree work that Orissa is so famous for. The central object is Goddess Laxmi seated on a throne, with tiny round gold panels depicting Ganesha. Wear this necklace and bring out the glam this Diwali.


So get ready to make a style statement this Diwali. With a range of unique jewellery designs and combinations to choose from, let your wardrobe sparkle and you shine at all the celebrations you become a part of. Happy Diwali!

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