Jewellery for Makar Sankranti, Lohri & Pongal.

Makarsankranti is the festival of new beginnings, new resolution & new commitment as it is the first festival of the year. It is the festival where everyone forgets their past & steps forward with a new beginning & firm determination in mind.
This festival also has an astrological importance as sun enters into a zodiac sign capricorn on its celestial path. It is also believed that this day marks the reduction of the winter season & beginning of a new spring season.
According to Indian tradition women wear black colored attire on this day. The importance of wearing black colored attire is that this festival comes in the midst of the winter season & black color has the capacity to absorb heat.
Usually people celebrate this festival wearing new clothes, worshiping God, flying kites & the most interesting part is that people exchange til ladoos or tilgul or sugar balls (sweet made of sesame & jaggery) while exchanging this sweet they says the sentence ‘’til gul ghya god god bola’’ it means that accept this tilgul & utter sweet words with everyone.
In Northern India too, Lohri is celebrated with great Pomp & Pongal in South India. The day before Sankranti is called Bhogi and this is when people discard old stuff and habits and concentrate on new things causing change or transformation. Now isn’t that a fab way to start the year?
To give your outfit a great start we’ve got a beautiful collection of jewellery for you:


A delicate piece starting with a gold half crescent with red onyx seated on a golden lotus with cascading layers of pearls with an epiphany of green faceted onyx drops. Wear this earring and glam your Bffs wedding party.


Absolutely exquisite floral design set in jadau & coral stones – throw in a bit of spinel & pearl too !!! Ending in this gorgeous profusion of champagne coloured baroque pearls. This is truly a one of a kind exceptional design !!
This is a simple but very elegant piece – playful and flirty and just perfect for these festive days !!! Get our PEARL RAINDROPS to amp up your style quotient !!!


Sparkle with timeless elegance on any occasion with this simple and on-trend Gold Plated Ruby Beads Necklace. Alternating grooved beads with spinel ruby coloured beads, this necklace is just incredibly beautiful.

Designed around a ruby coloured crescent , with kundan work and seed pearls , this is a gorgeous piece. Wear it at the next do and watch the compliments come flowing in!!!!!
A uniquely designed piece consisting of a double sided flower motif in green onyx seated on bunches of round pearls,suspended by an intricate engraved circular ball with petals in white crystals. The flower motif can be visible from front as well as the sides. Is there anyone here who is not in love with this piece ?????


Anshumala means the radiating rays of the sun and that’s exactly what this ring reminds us of – so lustrous and breathtaking. This piece is made in the traditional Rajasthani gold foil technique of applying thick gold sheets over sterling silver. The effect is that this gold will never tarnish or fade . It will remain as is. This ones a Beauty !!!!!


The entire base of this piece is hand carved red onyx stone !!!!! With jadau work on top , this is just incredibly beautiful.



Designed like a bird also called Sarika in Sanskrit , these pretty balis will make you soar !!!! This piece is made in the traditional Rajasthani gold foil technique of applying thick gold sheets over sterling silver. The effect is that this gold will never tarnish or fade . It will remain as is. This simple earring is extremely elegant for any festive outfit you wear.



Wear this unique blend of the modern and classic Bali earrings made in Jadau with beautiful red onyx stones at that BFFs destination wedding and watch those admiring glances come your way!!


Here is wishing you all a very Happy Makar Sankranti, Lohri and Pongal! Keep wearing and flaunting what you like the most during the haldi kumkum pooja or flying kites !!!! And don’t miss gobbling til ke ladoo and chikki

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