Go Royal with Jadau this wedding season

Jadau jewelry is Mughal in origin and is distinguished by a complex method  (Kundan) of setting colored gemstones in gold/silver. The technique is very advanced and requires artisans of great skill, usually working in teams, to accomplish.

Jadau is a technique that also uses Polki, Meenakari and Kundan but the technique varies a bit from Kundan work. Jad means to be embedded and that is the technique used by artisans who craft this style of Jewelry.

Jadau jewelry is regal and suits any Indian bride/bridesmaid beautifully. Besides, modern crossovers and Bollywood have ensured that Jadau has found a place in the bridal heart. After all, what bride doesn’t want to look resplendent on her wedding day?

Jadau carries the legacy of Indian jewelry and it is a legacy that is no longer limited to Indian shores. This just goes to show the enduring popularity of this craft and the reason every bride must consider having at least one such piece among her jewelry.

Have a look:


Saima means flower in Urdu and this lovely ring with jadau work is shaped like a beautiful flower . Wear it to feel pretty !!!!!


This little piece is made like a chandelier with little balls and a central dark orange cabochon.


A stunning juxtaposition of aqua and deep blood red tones of garnet cabochons with the gold plated body – this is a very striking kada that you will love to wear everywhere !!!! Wear it with your Blue jeans, festivities – it’s just so very versatile !!!!


Ruby pink and emerald green stones come together to make these delightful bird earrings. You’ll just fall in love with these !!!!!

Sadia means Blessed in Urdu and blessed is exactly how you’ll feel wearing these – they are just so utterly delightful and gorgeous with the intricate jadau work set like a flower and with a beautiful red onyx teardrop hanging. You’ll just fall in love with these !!

Who can resist the charm of the lotus – and here we have laid it out in ruby pink stones that are bright and glistening , with seed pearls to offset the colour frenzy !!!!

Sidra in Urdu is a tree in Heaven and these are just heavenly pieces, with the ruby pink and white glass stones juxtaposed in a floral motif and a surround on the periphery of seed pearls. You’ll just fall in love with these !!!!

These incredibly pretty stud earrings have been painstakingly made in gold style kundan technique. With ruby and emerald coloured glass pieces making up a delightful motif of a Keri flower with a bunch of leaves at the base. We just love love love this piece !!!!!

Zayyan means Beautiful and radiant in Urdu and that is exactly how you’ll feel wearing these – they are just so utterly delightful and gorgeous with the intricate jadau work set like a flower with ruby pink and emerald green stones in an unusual square design.

Mahtab means the Moon and this Chandbali will make you all moony – with its pretty ruby pink stones juxtaposed with just a hint of green and plain glass with a periphery of seed pearls . Thats all the Swag you will need !!!!

Given the regal look it imparts to the wearer, jadau jewellery has always been admired by Indians and is usually bought for special and auspicious occasions such as weddings and festivals.

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