A vintage item from a bygone era, cuff bracelets are so much more than merely ornamental. It stands apart from other bracelets, inscribing any look with style and accentuating personal flair. Chunky, statement cuffs are the new rage this season and we are definitely on top of this trend!



Whether it is abstract designs, animal motifs, or just sleek minimal cuffs, we love them all. If they are chunky, throw on a pair of earrings and you’re good to go. But if you love thinner, sleeker cuffs, we suggest you stack them up for that boho experience!


The timeless jewelry piece originally served as a status symbol for members of royalty. Jeweled and crafted from the finest metals, the cuffs symbolized an individual’s place in society. Today, too, it symbolizes style and originality, and in some way, an individual’s place in the fashionable world.


So grab that cuff and make it a part of your own individual style!