Jadau Jewellery Classics

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If you love all things regal and dream of all things grand, Jadau jewellery is sure to capture you! These priceless beauties – Kundan, polki and jadau jewellery – beyond doubt look splendid, albeit traditional. Created with extreme care, these delicate pieces of Jadau Jewelley require every bit of skillfulness and expertise!


Also known as silver kundan jewellery, these beautiful, colourful pieces are reminiscent of Indian Royalty. With the biggest demand for Kundan Jadau jewellery during weddings and festive occassions, silver kundan jewellery is a great alternative especially for those who travel a lot, or are headed to a destination wedding.

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Jadau jewellery has traversed the boundaries of the princely states of India and can be seen on anyone with a style that is elegant and timeless.

So if you want that one piece of jewellery that transcends through time, trends and styles, get yourself some Gold plated silver Jadau jewellery.

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