Get ready for your BFF’s wedding !!

Along with the announcement of your BFF’s wedding, comes the frantic and endless planning of what to wear, how to wear it and what to wear it with. And being the good friend that you are, you help her with her outfits and everything, leaving you with little to no time for yourself! Even though it’s a huge deal and you’re so excited about how perfect you wanna look!
What makes a friend’s wedding different from a sibling’s or cousin’s is that you wouldn’t necessarily have to run around too much (thankfully!) during the actual wedding. So, practicality doesn’t play that big a role and it makes choosing what to wear to your best friend’s Indian wedding a wee bit easier.


If you are totally clueless about what to wear for your BFF’s events, don’t worry because we’ve done the research for you – from the currently trending to the timeless pieces, we’ve got tons of inspo for you! Have a look below:


Let’s Rock the style on your BFF’s wedding




You can also go with this necklace which is amazingly light weight and yet packing a punch in terms of sheer visual impact , this beauty of a necklace has the Goddess laxmi also known as Yashasvini, seated on a lotus , surrounded by beautifully and intricately carved peacocks.




Look resplendent in these utterly gorgeous shaped earring studded with deep ruby red stones , suspended with a jhumki and fringed with pearl beads.



Designed in a beautiful floral motif with coral petal cabochons, surrounding a raised dome-like corolla.



A classic design based on antique Temple necklaces or Haarams. Tiny coins of Lakshmi alternated with ruby coloured spinnel beads with mogra formations depicting fertility of nature . An outstanding Statement necklace. Comes with an adjustable gold colored cord.



We just love these pretty and delicate chandbalis made in deep red , emerald and white glass stones with seed pearl hangings.



Designed around a floral motif with red spinnel stones centred around an emerald coloured green onyx , with pearl drops.



We love the juxtaposition of the blood red stones with the plain glass , creating a beautiful flower , in a typical moghul motif. Wear this and watch the compliments come flowing in !!!!



Noor means light , bright ,enlightened, beautiful, …This gold plated chandbali is an absolute classic beauty . It has a hexagon shaped stud at the top with a pretty floral design followed by a little rawa work surrounding the bali and finally a small bell at the bottom. These Noor chandbalis can now be yours to grab the spotlight and shine bright !


Stop drooling and get ready to rock your best friend’s wedding.


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