What is Valentine’s Day – a day that celebrates love, friendship and affection, a day to tell that special someone how much they mean to you!  On February 14 every year, people do this with carefully chosen gifts and thoughtfully written messages that express their deepest emotions. Cards and flowers and special time spent together are ways in which couples honour their love for each other. Heart shaped somethings and teddy bears are the common gifts, but don’t they seem rather tired and routine?

To make it easy for you to find the most unique gift and combine it with a special message we have brought for you the exceptional and beautiful Taweez Amulet collection, something so different that it will delight everyone who receives it.




Surprise your loved one on Valentine’s Day with this BLUE LOCKET RING. The ring opens up and your secret message can nestle inside it, waiting to amaze your beloved. It can hold a tiny picture, or petals of a special flower — or anything that you imagine for your loved one.  This ring can also be worn as a pendant and lie close to the beloved’s heart! What could be more special!

Tell us all the romantic things you plan to do this special day !!!!


50739385_2255566778050171_3456185751031513088_n (2).jpg

A Valentine’s gift idea that we guarantee you have never seen before. Taweez karoon kya uski jisne tumhe banaya !!!! :))))

Surprise your loved one with this CHAKRA TAWEEZ AMULET PENDANT taht opens up to hold your feelings!  Write a poem or a special romantic message to your loved one and watch her eyes light up ! You will never find such a different and unique Valentines gift anywhere!



50264327_2255611961378986_178197222448431104_n (1).jpg51152754_2255612158045633_7168020123163295744_n (1).jpg


Make this Valentine’s Day an unforgettable one with the KAINAAT TAWEEZ AMULET PENDANT. Within it is a space that will hold your special message to your beloved! How cool is that!  Have you ever seen a more unique gift than this? If you agree – do like this post and leave your comments as well !!!! What would you like to see written inside the Tawweez ?


Let’s get a bit more romantic this Valentine’s Day!!

This taweez is daintily adorned with a pretty pearl making it an exceptional gift for your special person!.

The Pearl Taweez opens up to hold your special message in its heart. Guaranteed to be cherished!



An extremely dressy piece, this is a taweez with chakras laid out in glass. Long chains ending in ghungroos give it a flirty boho vibe that can rock the Valentine’s Day outfit.



51385921_2261897904083725_4565131991732715520_n (1).jpg 51403791_2261897900750392_1906196040327888896_n (1).jpg

Think out-of-the-box this Valentine’s Day and surprise your special person with this KHAZAANA TAWEEZ NECKLACE. It can hold a message — on paper, in petals, in a pic or any way that you can imagine — within it.  And it will lie close to your beloved’s heart! What could be more special.

Do tell us how you plan to spend your Valentine’s Day and how you are going to make it special.

And for your unique Valentine’s Day gift, think Ahilya Jewels.


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