Out of the Blue…

Lapis lazuli is one of the oldest gemstones ever to feature in jewellery, and yet, thanks to its brilliant colour and smooth polish, it is as covetable today as it was thousands of years ago. One of the most beautiful coloured semi-precious stones, it looks absolutely smashing when set in gold plated sterling silver jewellery.


Lapis has long been associated with prestige and wealth, royalty and deity. It is also a symbol of wisdom and thought to promote nurturing and harmony. Although that is not the the only reason to get your hands on this beautiful stone. This beautiful royal blue coloured stone looks best when set off with gold, and a pair of gorgeous statement gold plated lapis lazuli earrings look spectacular with the simplest outfits!

13680483_1755698364703684_5956891612147456070_o (1)

Being a soft stone, the Lapis is a great stone for carving and polishes up beautifully – making it the perfect candidate for a cabochon cut like our Lapis pearl floral earring or a faceted cut like the Lapis Lazuli Crescent Earrings! Wear it in a variety of shapes and options!


With its bold colour and beautiful texture, you can hardly go wrong with lapiz lazuli jewellery. Discover our lapis pieces here.

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