Black Onyx is Beautiful

13975433_1757822111157976_1716994965288926183_o (1)

Colored gemstones have remained jewelers’ recent favorites and one of the most striking gemstones among them is the Onyx Gemstone. Right from black onyx statement pieces set in silver, to beautiful gold plated danglers in varied colours, onyx looks glamorous and beautiful!

16178805_1838819029724950_5451600009569558250_o (1)

Onyx gemstones come in a variety of hues, the black remaining the most popular. Known as the “Stone of Protection”. The striking black works wonderfully well with gold plated silver jewellery, or with silver itself. The regal black against the gold and silver is a remarkable combination and has been used to craft unique black onyx bangle cuffs and black onyx statement earrings.


If you’re someone who loves to experiment with colours or is even partial to the good old black, onyx jewellery should be your go to. Discover our Onyx pieces right here!

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