Hey reader, what do you prefer?

Mrs. Khanna from Delhi takes an hour to get ready for the party. She usually wears one of her gold necklaces with a diamond pendant on her designer outfit from Michael Kors. The moment she steps out of her BMW and walks into the party, she begins to flaunt her necklace and ensures that every single soul in the party is aware of the price.  This is because of the mind set of every Indian that gold is gold. In India, gold Jewellery is a store of value, a symbol of wealth, status and a fundamental part of many rituals. But it’s an interesting fact that today women in urban India are evolving day by day and looking for a complete makeover. They don’t care much for what others think. With this fact can pure sterling silver replace gold? It’s a debatable question and the fact is that both the sides of this argument are justifiable.


Historically, silver has been considered a second-tier precious metal. Valuable for sure, but not as prized as its yellow cousin. Yet according to recent market trends, precious metal investing seems to have a new silver lining. Apart from the investment angle, there are many reasons why people prefer sterling silver over gold and platinum, the highlight factor is the price of this alloy. Compared to other two, silver costs nearly 40 times lesser. Reasons like budget friendly, customizable and market availability make silver a preferred category.


Apart from the price factor, the most important reason why people prefer Silver, is that it has a unique character and intrinsic beauty. The most beautiful part about silver is the sheen it gets when exposed to air i.e. when it gets oxidized. This lends it a look that is truly exceptional and bohemian. In fact at destination weddings nowadays, gold plated silver Jewellery is now the norm – very rarely do women carry real gold Jewellery. Also, particularly for pieces that are hand carved, it is possible to do this, now only on silver, since Gold has priced itself in a different stratosphere altogether!!! All artisanal, hand carved, hand crafted pieces are now rendered in silver.


Although there has been a lot of debate on gold and silver and which one is better considering various factors, silver has its own unique features. The weight, the shade of the metal pairing up with many colors, the price points where you don’t need to shell out more for any extra modifications and many more make silver strongly compete with gold.


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