Feathers in Fashion


One of nature’s most unique inspirations, the peacock motif is a design favourite. Set in pure sterling silver, the peacock motif looks richer and full of grandeur. Statement silver peacock motif jewellery looks unique and wonderful, but don’t dismiss the minimal pieces yet. A simple pair of silver peacock studs can really pull together your outfit!

13532820_1741392516134269_955860089666335220_n (2)

Intricately handcarved, the peacock chariot necklace is an absolute kicker. Statement silver peacock necklaces like these truly dress you up, and can transition seamlessly from day to night wear!


Handpainted necklaces too are absolutely fabulous. With detailed peacock plaques flanking miniature paintings, these necklaces are real works of art. A grand necklace like this can be passed down from generation to generation.

Silver peacock motif rings too make for great cocktail wear!

13475011_1737975613142626_785300278245765394_o (1)

Beautiful peacock motif earrings too look great with both ethnic and western wear. Whether in silver, or in all its gold plated glory, peacock motif earrings are a must have!

So do yourself a favour and get on this trend before you miss out on the best silver pieces!

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